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Is England even worth your Euro 2016 online bet?

England‘s usually considered among leaders of European and even World Cup football championships. Yet – regardless of how hard it’s to process – inventors of football have never won anything serious, except for the World Cup back in 1966.

Legends roamed the field that year. Bobby Charlton and Geoff Hurst were led into battle by The Great Bobby Moore. In fact, his statue is greeting Wembley visitors until today.

But, truth to be told, even that team was not even near to glorious. It wasn’t overfilled with gold-legged diamonds. They had something else, something different. And that something was enough to earn the championship.

Far better players entered the field under English banners ever since. Just think about their team from 2006 with stars like Beckham, Scholes, Rooney, Terry, Gerrard Lampard and Ferdinand. How’d it end up then?

The team seems to be cursed, regardless of who enters the field. It’s like England’s run out of luck. They can’t hit the finals because of stuff like mistakes of judges and peculiar series of events, not poor performance.

Don’t forget about it before you make your bet!

Additionally, there are three key elements you should consider to plan your football betting wisely this Euro season:

  • England’s team is the youngest on the tournament. Yeh, it’s hard to believe it, but Roy Hodgson brought youngsters to France. Team’s overall youth is complemented by debutants like Delle Alli, Harry Kane, John Stones, Nathaniel Clyne, Ross Barkley, Eric Dier, and Raheem Sterling. All of these players had quite the controversial season in their clubs but claim to be ready to catch up with lost opportunities during the Euros. Still, understand this: most fresh players are incapable of making appropriate estimations of the situation on the field. I doubt that any of you can remember a situation when inexperienced talents beat hardcore professionals. Please keep a note of this while betting on serious matches with competitors like France or Germany. Especially in the playoffs, where one false move leads to demise and devastation.
  • Terrible defence. With all due respect to Harry Cahill, his season with “Chelsea” was downward awful. Chris Smalling or the youngster John Stones will play with Harry in the center. In either case, none of the tandems is trustworthy. Without a doubt, England’s defence will be their primary issue. It won't be much of a problem, while in the group, but when the team will face an opponent with serious firepower – they are toast. You won’t have to wait long for Joe Hart to miss a goal. We can only save our breath and hope for a solid, energy-pumped attack from Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane. It’s likely that games that involve England will end up with impressive scores like 2:2 or 3:2.
  • Roy Hodgson. We could not have avoided England’s trainer in person. The man who was working with the mediocre “averages” from EPL and completely failed his job with Liverpool has accepted command of a team that’s not at its best. And, nonetheless, he’s managed to set up a gameplay that delivers results. It’s not the brightest or safest gameplay but hey – as long as it works! His strategy is dry, pragmatic and British like a bulldog. However, when it comes to playing with the big boys, head trainer’s actions are the team’s bread. And Hodgson, in turn, has already shown his amazing ability to take the wrong decision, which affects end-result in a terrible way. France and Germany possess an entirely different breed of coaches with Didier Deschamps and world champion Joachim Low, respectfully. John is famous for his ability to force any opponent to kneel and he ensures every player gives his 100% on the field. Will Hodgson be able to pull off the same trick with his youngsters, terrible defence and Vardi, who has been working in a factory four years ago?

To sum things up it would be nice to mention England’s strong sides and weaknesses. Defence, the youngsters and the trainer are the weaknesses, as it was mentioned earlier. Sum things up and you’ll get the bigger picture.

But there are also several strengths present on the field. Most of them orbit around Jack Willshire, who, despite his season in “Arsenal” is used to showing 100% results on Euros. There is also Harry Kane who has blossomed and cherished during his last season. Nobody is left with any doubt about this player’s level.

Betting tips

English will meet the Russians, Welsh and the Slovaks during the group stage. And is they aren’t to have any trouble with the first two, a solid Slovak team that has already outplayed the Spanish can take some points from Hodgson’s charges. Here’s our estimation for this stage: England will come out with the first place. They will have 1 point more than the second team. If matches with Wales or Russia are considered – we believe that the brits will score at least to goals in each game. And they will miss at least one goal in each game.

General Euro 2016 estimation

England will have the first place in their group and they’ll face teams who gained third places in groups A, C and D. Supposedly, those might be Albania, Ukraine, Poland or Croatia. The British are capable of outplaying each of these teams and they’ll move on to a more serious opponent. Broadcast; England will be out in the ¼ finals.