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Cristiano Ronaldo is a football God and you don’t need to be a die-hard fan to know that. Yet, there’s a thing many frequently miss out: Football is a team game.

It requires practise, skill, strategy and strong players in both attack and defence. This brings us to our number 1 fact you should consider while betting on Football online.

Fact #1 – Football is no place for one-man-army!

Yes, Portugal has one of the best players in football history, but what about the rest of the team? Frankly, there aren’t too many AAA players on the field. It’s just Ronaldo and, maybe, Rui Patricio (goalkeeper), and Joao Moutinho (midfielder) as Portugal’s world-class players for Euro 2016. 

Portugal shows an impressive list of mediocre players this year with Alves, Quaresma, and Nani. Sure, some might call them good, but they are definitely not Euro material.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think such a team increases Portugal’s odds.

Fact #2 – New players on board

Two young talents have joined Portugal. Renato Sanches was bought a couple of weeks ago. Combined with William Carvalho they make a fine addition to the team’s firepower. Yes, they are still somewhat green but who knows, perhaps we are looking at two dark horses of Euro 2016? 

Fact # 3 – They still have Fernando Santos!

Actual success required strong leaders! Luckily, Portugal has Fernando Santos as their manager. And he has seen some things over his 30+ years of experience. Fernando led AEK Athens, Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, etc. He is a true master of game plans and strategies.

But, with such a team his plan will probably be as simple as focusing on defence and trying to give Ronaldo a shot or two. That plan is working out just fine for them with 4 matches that have a 1 – 0 score. Defence and one-shooting are enough to win, right?
Fernando has already practised this plan when Greece won the tournament in 2004 with mostly 1 – 0 scores.

But can you bet on their success?

Well, I’d rather not. First of all, Ronaldo won’t be this year’s top player of Euro 2016. Hi doesn’t have enough team support. Playing in defence won’t give our all-star enough opportunities to score.
Additionally, their recent game with England showed unexpected results. England won 1 – 0. So, if you are considering betting on football matches where Portugal is involved – you’d rather think twice to earn money with online betting.