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Sometimes, you just get tired of winning constantly and counting incalculable amounts of money that simply fall onto your head. In such desperate moments, we all need to just stop being good at betting and find ways to make ourselves just a little bit poorer. Today, we are going to discuss methods that will help you in becoming less efficient at betting.

With more attention focused on online betting and gambling, the industry looks fairly uneasy and chaotic with lots of scams emerging here and there. The opportunities are endless!

Tip #1. Choose the worst websites possible.

We all know that in order to win, one must choose only the best websites out there. Companies that provide great customer support and pack their staffs with specialists that are ready to assist you in any problem 24/7. These bookies are not for us. If you want to start losing, choose websites with following traits:

  • Poor UI. Low usability and messy interface are exactly what you should be looking for in order to stop winning. When you cannot even click the link or choose the right payment option, your chances of making your wallet fatter shrink notably. Just ignore great websites with comprehensive navigation and clean design – those are for winners.
  • Scarce payment options. When a website provides only one or two payment options, this is the best site ever for losers! Ignore all the things that make gambling experience engaging and entertaining. Comfort is not for manly people. We are here our lives harder!
  • Sloppy design. Low quality images, out of place banners, and other weird design choices are telling us that the bookie wants to take advantage of us by providing bad service. Greedy bookies that do not want spend additional money to attract customers and make their gambling experience better are our best friends, in case we want to start losing right away!

Tip #2. Ignore deals and special offers.

Some websites offer interesting promotions, one-time bonuses on your first deposits, and interesting deals for loyal customers. These are good websites and we do not want to go there. We are learning how to stop winning. Online betting has a lot of great companies, but we must find those who are as greedy as pigs.

Tip #3. Do not control yourself.

This is the best tip for people who are good at betting. Everyone knows that you should avoid lose streaks in order to maintain the clarity of your mind. Bad mood and stress from losing may force you to make mistakes that you usually do not make. However, if you want to stop winning, go ahead and make yourself as stressed as possible!

Bet non-stop until your deposit is depleted. Then, go and make another deposit and start betting again without any analysis. This is a good idea… Having a good understanding when it is the right time to take a timeout will make you a much better player. However, when your get tired of winning, uncontrollable gambling is the best way to make yourself poorer.

Tip #4. Do not think.

While top bookmakers are providing your with useful stats, ratings, and other possibly important information, there are websites that do nothing helpful. Their websites are simple aggregators or money sinks that want to pump every penny from your pocket. We do not need good websites, those are for weaklings. Our main goal is to lose money and lose them decisively. In this case, just use those betting advice sites and bookies that do not give you any information regarding betting and gambling.

Let’s Talk Seriously…

Obviously, we want to take our comments with a big package of salt. No one wants to lose money. I don’t like losing at all! Read my article above and do exactly the opposite! My favorite sites for betting in Canada are well designed, provide interesting deals and bonuses, and care about their customers. These are the websites one should choose in order to enjoy fair gambling.

Online betting becomes more and more popular. At the same time, it is way more accessible than a couple of decades ago. This means that everyone should be more careful and be aware of frauds and scams. Do not follow our 4 tips and be smart. Choose the best websites and become rich!