Best Tipsters of last month

Tipster Country Award Tips Profit Yield
Ariussx1's pictureAriussx1 ng 50 66.6 18.09%
Hammer ie 14 63.1 61.28%
Nepogresivi2388 hr 12 48.0 50.57%
prospurs19's pictureprospurs19 us 27 9.5 4.58%
Juanito mx 24 3.5 2.09%
victory74 in 56 2.1 0.53%

What’s Robbie Savage Up to Next?

There have been three shocking news regarding Robbie Savage lately. One is that our beloved football pundit does not know the difference between an interview and a meeting. The second is that he actually can apologize from time to time and even spends some time doing so occasionally.

Suarez Dreams About Messi’s Return – Will Barcelona’s Dreams Come True?

When a couple of years ago Messi and Suarez became one of the best duos in European football, no one thought about the future where Messi is retiring from international play and receives an injury that could potentially end his professional career as well.

Sport Betting VS Online Casinos

It’s great to bet on sports games but there are other games that you can place your wager on too. Casino gaming is just one of these options but it is an interesting one to look into. We’re comparing these couple of kinds of bets and figuring out which one is the best to place your cash on.

Top Tips for Making Successful Sports Betting Picks

‘Never mix pleasure with business’ should be the main motto of sports bettors, at least for those that make sports betting picks every weekend on their favorite team. It’s the least profitable move you could make which usually clouds your judgement.

Do Free Bets Represent Unfair Competition?

We all know that free bets in the form sign-up or no deposit bonuses are the backbone of the online casino and sports betting industry. But, does that represent fair competition for the land-based gambling industry?

Tipster Competition Updates - Even More Prizes!

Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce that our monthly tipster competition has become even more exciting and advantageous for the participants. We increase the prizes and the number of winners!

Arsenal Must End First-Leg Trouble in Champions League

Arsenal and Bayern Munich will once again lock horns in the first knockout rounds of the Champions League. The sides have met three times in the round of 16 with the Gunners losing each time, putting huge pressure on Arsene Wenger and his men to end their struggles against the German giants.

Expert Tips: How To Beat The Bookies

Whether you’re into football, tennis or darts, betting markets will be available for your perusal.

Best Bets for 2017

As we head into the New Year there is a full sporting calendar to look forward to in 2017 in what is set be another huge year in sport.

World's Youngest Soccer Talents That Are The Future!

Who is the best soccer player in the world? Every football fan or expert is likely to have a different opinion. Indeed, there are so many outstanding football players and each of them has his strong points. Besides, new soccer stars appear every day.