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When Wachowski brothers introduced us to the world of The Matrix, we did not think that virtuality will ever be a part of our lives in a way described by Sci-Fi writers. However, we are moving ever-so-faster from the real world and emerge ourselves into a more welcoming and more efficient reality. Even real life sports are becoming virtual. Is it a good thing or not?

So Many Games, So Little Time…

Virtual sports are the invention of the modern era where time is the most precious resource. We have to spend our time efficiently. The older we get, the less time we have to do sports. The vast majority of people have no time to play football or participate in jumping competitions. However, we love sports and its competitive nature. That is why spectating and betting became so popular.

The problem with real sports is that one has to spend lots of time to get good. Even those who want to combine spectating with betting have to spend a lot of time on analyzing previous sport events, sport news, and learning what affects participating sportsmen. The time-consuming nature of real sports forced some of creative businessmen to come up with an idea of creating a new industry where sports are virtual.

The games do not happen in the real world, but the matches and races are scheduled and their outcomes are decided randomly by sophisticated algorithms that take into consideration previous virtual sport events and other game-changing factors. At the same time, thousands of betting sessions can be happening simultaneously which is a great advantage for those who value their time.


The Game is on!

Virtual sports became popular due to a plethora of reasons. However, we need to note that the vast majority of people who enjoy virtual betting are pleased with the rich variety of games and events available. From horse racing to soccer, the amount of games that you can bet on is plentiful. Obviously, bettors can choose multiple events at the same time and wait for the outcomes cheering for their picks. Here’s an incomplete of the most popular virtual sports:

  • MMA/UFC and other martial arts;
  • Horse racing;
  • Football;
  • Basketball;
  • Baseball.

The list can go on for a long time. Virtual matches are exciting thanks to authenticity of the virtual world created by certain websites. Matches have fake live feeds, commentaries, and even VODs. This creates an environment where matches feel real.

The Best of Two Worlds!

Some may be confused with the popularity of virtual sports. However, the enjoyment of virtual sports can be easily justified by a long list of benefits that they provide to bettors. We want to highlight some of the most important advantages of virtual sports.

  • Low learning curve. It is easy to understand the rules of virtual betting and one does not have to learn about the game itself in order to start betting. The whole process is easy to control and dive right into. At the same time, one can learn about the intricacies of sports betting and start small by betting on virtual events.
  • Spectating experience. Missed a game of football? Forgot to tune in for an important MMA match that you bet on? Virtual sports will never run away and the event will start as soon as the bets are collected. No more waiting and missing on results.
  • Numerous quickly resolved events. The amount of simultaneous events is huge and one can choose multiple matches and races that will be resolved in a timely fashion. More bets and excitement during a relatively short period time.
  • Efficient time usage. With all of the above in mind, we can definitely say that virtual betting is the best way to enjoy betting while using your time as efficiently as humanly possible!

The benefits listed above made many websites shift their focus from offering online casino experiences towards betting on virtual sports. By 2018, the industry is expected to reach over $4 billion of market value which is roughly 10% of overall expected market value of online gambling and betting. With more and more great bookmakers incorporating virtual sports in their business models, we expect the industry to grow even further in the nearest future.

Everyone, It’s Time to Have Fun!

Obviously, the market attracts lots of shady bookies and you should definitely try avoiding unreliable websites. Be careful! As one of the best websites, William Hill offers you betting on virtual football and other sports.

Some websites show their unreliability right away with poorly designed interface, narrow range of available games and payment options, and slowly responding service. Make sure that you contact customer service department of the chosen website in order to check whether the company cares about their customers.

Choose wisely and start your betting career in the world of virtual sports right now! You have finally found The Matrix! Enjoy the ride!