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Arsène Wenger has finally done it - after so many unfortunate results against José Mourinho, he's finally beaten the man and the win will be even sweeter considering that it entailed getting a pretty prestigious trophy for Arsenal. Of course, winning the FA Community Shield isn't as big as winning the English Premier League, but a trophy is a trophy - and every trophy you win after beating Chelsea counts for a lot.

The match was a strange one for Petr Cech, one of Arsenal's latest signings, as he had to play against a club at which he's regarded as a legend, but we're sure that he won't regret switching to the Gunners after such a successful pre-season. Finally, he's getting to play the important matches - and he seems to be as solid as ever as well!

The match was decided by a single goal, coming from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the twenty-fourth minute. It was Chelsea who dominated the possession, but Arsenal did look more dangerous by far, producing five shots on target compared to just two from Chelsea. To be fair, it wasn't a stellar performance from either team, but Arsenal were the better team and fully deserved the victory. The pressure will now be on Chelsea to convince everyone that they're still the best team in England - with Diego Costa still missing, that may be a tough task, but it's no surprise that Mourinho's men are still the favourites for the title, being priced at just 2.50 with Bet365. The previous season was a pretty one-sided affair, after all - and one average performance can change nothing about that.

Picture courtesy of joshjdss @ Flickr