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Top Six Sports Themed Slot Games One of the attractions of slot games is the availability of various themes. It is not difficult nor does it take long to find multiple slots belonging to a theme. Given the numerous sports enthusiasts who are also fans of slot games, it is not a surprise that popular developers like Microgaming... Read more
Using Mobile Betting Apps to Your Advantage: Tips Have you already tried any kind of a mobile betting application? If no, keep on reading and you will learn everything you need to know about mobile betting. If you`ve already got such an app on your phone, we have some useful advice for you to use it to the best advantage. In the past, to place... Read more
Why Staying Up To Date With The Latest Sports And Betting News Can Win You More Money Sports betting is one of the most popular ways to wager money with billions being wagered per year on various sporting events. There are so many different sports events and competitions to choose from so how do you know what are the best ones to wager money on?   How can you stay up to... Read more
Esports Betting Outlook: The International To Be A Record-Breaker Esports betting outlook: the international to be a record-breaker, and that is getting the entire e-sports fan community excited. People are not just interested in the International 7 for the prize pool, of course. Even if the prize was much smaller, they would be watching out of a strong interest... Read more
A guide to betting on football for the 17/18 season If you are an amateur in football betting and are here to learn from scratch, this article will prove to be a handy guide. It’s always important to know that you are on the right track(or at least know what you’re doing!). Many amateur bettors do random betting for fun and end up losing all or most... Read more
Statistics and Mathematics in Sports Betting There are people who mistakenly think that stats and maths are completely insignificant in mobile and online sports betting. And while we are on the topic of mobile gambling. Well, in reality, the effectiveness of a sports betting system is similar to casino games, as both of them depend strictly... Read more
Why bet365 Android App is Superior to All Other Applications Android is currently the most popular operating system for phones and tablets in the world. Thus, it is normal for online bookmakers to fall over themselves to create the best Android betting apps to attract new clients. If you own an Android phone such as a Samsung Galaxy or Sony Z, you are going... Read more
A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SELECTING THE RIGHT SPORT FOR YOUR BETS Sports betting is a rewarding pursuit for those who do it intelligently. Because you’re personally investing your hard-earned money into it, there’s a lot at stake which adds to the overall thrill of the game. Successful sports betting is fundamentally about making tactical, thought-out decisions... Read more
How odds differ from sports to blackjack Whether you’re someone who bets on sports, or a casino fan, we all want the best odds possible. However, whilst long shots like Leicester City winning the Premier League at 5,000-1 are magical, they obviously aren’t the norm. But is betting on sports more beneficial than playing a casino classic... Read more
Tips for Smart Online Bingo Players It’s all about Attitude When you play bingo online, you can get caught up in the action and end up becoming frustrated when you don’t win. This is a bad path to go down though, as this will ruin your time online and can even lead to gambling problems further down the line. Instead, keep things... Read more