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antoine griezmann
The Most Talked Rumors About Football Players in November 2016 Some players attract more attention than others and there are rumors and talks that just happen to be less interesting to the general audience. However, there are topics that simply cannot be avoided by anyone who loves football. The rumors and gossips surrounding top players and their potential... Read more
E-Sport as the New Online Casinos Trend Ever since man discovered that he could compete against fellow man for gold and glory, he has been at it tooth and nail. Cavemen literally clubbed one another to death. The Spartans on the other hand, raced down Greece's hills at amazing speeds. Riflemen and skilled archers have altered the course... Read more
Asian soccer
Asian Football Clubs That Can Shake up the World! When it comes to football, fans prefer to awe at the best players in the world and it happened so that the best are playing in Europe and Southern America. However, there are interesting teams in the world that definitely deserve a spotlight! Asian countries have never been strong in football.... Read more
Football Clubs from North America That Can Reach the Top There is no doubt that North American soccer scene is underwhelming compared to that of Europe and Asia. This is mostly due to the fact that the biggest sport in NA is probably football followed by basketball. Even baseball outshines soccer when it comes to popularity. Recently, North American... Read more
Eastern European Teams That Deserve More Attention Than They Get! There is no doubt that the best football teams in the world originate from the Western Europe. Some of the best players are raised in Spanish football schools and play in Premiere League. However, there are some notable squads from the Eastern Europe that deserve some love. The world has seen... Read more
The Football Teams to Watch in the Nearest Future - The Ultimate List! Diehard football fans, rejoice! We are going to talk about the most interesting roster moves, expectations, and news regarding the best football teams in the world. There is no particular order in which we will talk about them. We do not want to rate them or meticulously discuss their chances of... Read more
Russia, Putin, and the Controversy Around Doping Scandal In Rio 2016 Have Russia turned into an authoritative monarchy? Have the world’s society focused too much on teaming up against this country? While the Olympic Games approach steadily, we want to talk about one of the biggest scandals in the world of sports since 1980 summer Olympic boycott. The doping scandal... Read more
Euro 2016 France, this year’s host of Euro 2016 has done a series of incredible preparation. They ensure football players and their fans are comfortable, cozy and willing to show their best. We did the same here, on Metabetting for our fans. Feel free to make well-educated online football bets with our... Read more
UEFA Euro 2016: the Facts you Should Know What is the most popular sport in Europe? One can say for sure that it is football. Millions of Europeans give most of their free time to watching matches on TV or in the stadiums. Almost every football match attracts the attention of thousands of people. So, it is no wonder that UEFA... Read more
How EURO 2016 Affects Football Careers Every single international tournament brings changes to numerous professional teams and can drastically affect one’s career. EURO 2016 is no exception. Many coaches will resign or have left their respective positions. A plenty of players have been noticed by the international football community and... Read more