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Formula 1 Betting - Tracks In order to be succesful in {news:58:title=Formula 1 betting} you need to know two facts about the track: is it accident prone and how predictable weather is. Additionaly, if you bet on race result after qyalifying you need to know what are the chances for overtaking. Overtaking Chance:... Read more
Free and Paid Betting Services Entering the betting world is like stepping into the jungle. Many sports in offer, markets, type of bets, bonuses, thousands of combinations. And all of those have purpose to clean every betting account. The natural instinct is trying to find some help. Paid Betting Services Many newbies have... Read more
Australian Open 2011 Preview The first few tournaments of the new season have truly shed a light on the form of the main players (except for Murray and Djokovic - the Hopman Cup cannot be taken too seriously in my opinion). Nevertheless, the first Grand Slam will be as exciting as ever. There will surely be some upsets and... Read more
Handicap betting - what you have to do in order to prepare properly {news:7:title=Handicap betting} is being held in high regard by the tipsters, who are opting for high odds. For some people it is well enough just to bet on a full-time result by simply picking small odds and it seems this is the a widely-spread action, because the "public" bets... Read more
Half-time Wagers in Football Last time, we focused on {news:33:title=betting on football corners}. However, there is much more to the world of special bets. In this article, we will talk about half-time wagers, since they offer many interesting and, even more importantly, potentially profitable opportunities. Asian... Read more
PayPal Deposit Options PayPal has returned to the online gambling industry and aims to use gambling to solidify it's number one position on the best ewallet ever. After being out of gambling for nearly 8 years PayPal returns to a select number of online casinos, poker rooms and {link:56}. PayPal History For a... Read more
Paysafecard Deposit Options Paysafecard is a simple to use online wallet to transfer money and to make {link:58} either at {link:56} or for online shopping. The company is based in Vienna and launched in the year 2000. With this online wallet it works by pre-pay for everything similar to {tag:30}. Over 300,000 sales outlets... Read more
Ukash deposit options Ukash is slowly becoming a mainstream payment option. It acts like a mix between an ewallet like Neteller and a cash {link:55} like Western Union where if you can find a store that accepts Ukash you can deposit cash onto a receipt. More and more {link:56} are starting to accept Ukash simply for... Read more
Betting on Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay could greatly improve upon their past season where they seemed to fail at doing anything. Now it seems the positives from last year will only get brighter for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Maybe they might not win the Stanley Cup this year but they should be a competitive team and worth... Read more
Tiger Woods: A Tough Bet Betting on golf has become even more difficult with the slump that Tiger Woods is in at the moment. For the last few years many sportsbooks had the odds of him winning any tournament were sometime around 4:1 to 2:1. Maybe the payouts wouldn’t be as generous but professional golf was more... Read more