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Paysafecard Deposit Options Paysafecard is a simple to use online wallet to transfer money and to make {link:58} either at {link:56} or for online shopping. The company is based in Vienna and launched in the year 2000. With this online wallet it works by pre-pay for everything similar to {tag:30}. Over 300,000 sales outlets... Read more
Ukash deposit options Ukash is slowly becoming a mainstream payment option. It acts like a mix between an ewallet like Neteller and a cash {link:55} like Western Union where if you can find a store that accepts Ukash you can deposit cash onto a receipt. More and more {link:56} are starting to accept Ukash simply for... Read more
Betting on Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay could greatly improve upon their past season where they seemed to fail at doing anything. Now it seems the positives from last year will only get brighter for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Maybe they might not win the Stanley Cup this year but they should be a competitive team and worth... Read more
Tiger Woods: A Tough Bet Betting on golf has become even more difficult with the slump that Tiger Woods is in at the moment. For the last few years many sportsbooks had the odds of him winning any tournament were sometime around 4:1 to 2:1. Maybe the payouts wouldn’t be as generous but professional golf was more... Read more
Top football match fixing Scandals With football being the most popular sport in the world one can imagine that people will do anything to win, or lose provided they have money invested as a sportsbetting punter. If you can influence the outcome of the game then there is a hefty profit to be made. Football is an intense sports where... Read more