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Could a dark horse win the Euros? Euro 2016 is just around the corner and the anticipation is at boiling point for a competition that will round off another incredible year of football. When assessing which teams look capable of doing the business it is hard to look past the world champions, Germany, and the reigning champions of... Read more
Applying roulette strategy to sports betting Roulette is one of the most rewarding games in the casino as it pays out at a maximum of 38:1, which is a considerable return if you get lucky. But you do have to have good fortune to get those kinds of yields. So, a lot of regular roulette players instead use a wide range of different skills to... Read more
How will the big boys approach the FA Cup? The FA Cup is now well upon us and we're edging closer to the introduction of teams from the top two tiers of English football. The third round of the FA Cup is always a special time in the footballing calendar, and a lot of managers are again looking to guide their teams into the latter stages of... Read more
What makes a successful sports bettor? With so many options available to the bettors today, online punters have never had it so good. Not only can you place a bet on an outcome of a game in any sport, but there are in some cases 100s of additional markets beyond just the result. This makes it so much easier to find a selection which you... Read more
Key Traits You Need to be a Successful Bettor The Sports Bettor Betting on sport is a pastime of many, but not everyone is great at it. There is a lot of emotion involved when you’re betting on, or against, your team and some people approach sports betting with their heart, and not their head. If you want to be a more successful sports... Read more
SkillOnNet Launches Regulated Schleswig Holstein Casino SkillOnNet Launches Regulated Schleswig Holstein Casino October 2015 - Popular online casino software supplier and white label specialist today launched a brand new online casino on their Schleswig Holstein license. The new casino named DrückGlü is themed with good luck and... Read more
New Jersey Fights for its Sports Betting Right Online gambling is a major ongoing issue in America at this time but the state of New Jersey has its own battle to fight. The seaside state is one of the three states to offer online gambling within its borders but its land based casino and horse racing industry is suffering. In 2014, four of the... Read more
Geno Lawrenzi Jr. – A Gambler and Legendary Sports Writer In the world of artists it encompasses the likes of painters, sculptors, actors, musicians, singers and writers. There is truth in the adage “starving artist” and it is unfortunate at the talent that goes unrecognized. Worse yet is the popularity and recognition gained for the work after they are... Read more
The Meteoric Rise of Sports Betting Sports betting has been here for such a long time that nobody really remembers when it first started, but only now is the industry going through such a meteoric rise that it is actually becoming an economic force to be reckoned with. In fact, it is now estimated that online sports betting alone is... Read more
Handling Football Accumulator In the world of sports betting, punters have their own strategies and systems. In the same way, a sport betting has several situations; one among them is accumulator bet. It would be land of accumulator bet where you would see a combination of rewards and punishment situation which is induce by... Read more