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Arsenal x Liverpool Betting Preview The third weekend of the English Premier League is still far from over, but there's no doubt that many fans are already looking forward to the Monday clash between Arsenal and Liverpool. And why shouldn't they? It's probably the most exciting of the third round matches and one that also promises a... Read more
English Premier League 2015/2016 Week 3 - Best Betting Tips Chelsea have continued to under-perform in the second week of the English Premier League, recording a disastrous 0-3 defeat against one of their main rivals, Manchester City, but, apart from that, there weren't any truly shocking results that one should take a look at. Surprisingly, Leicester are... Read more
La Liga 2015/2016 Betting Preview All the top European leagues are now underway - or are they? Well, clearly, there's still one big league missing, the Spanish La Liga, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Spain is the country that we'll be focusing on in this pre-season betting preview. The team that everyone is speaking about... Read more
Liverpool x Bournemouth Betting Preview The second weekend has brought a resumption of normal service for many of the top teams, with Arsenal finally getting the first win against Crystal Palace and other doing just fine as well. The only team that is doing much worse than expected is Chelsea, who lost 3-0 against Manchester City in what... Read more
English Premier League 2015/2016 Week 2 - Best Betting Tips The first week of the English Premier League brought plenty of surprising results, with Arsenal's shocking defeat against West Ham being the highlight that won't be forgotten very soon. Things are moving quickly, however, and the teams will be back in action in just a few days, so let's evaluate... Read more
Serie A 2015/2016 Betting Preview The English Premier League is now in full swing, but we still haven't covered a few of the major European leagues in our betting previews, so let's change that by previewing Serie A. Are the guys from Juventus going to triumph again? Or is there a new champion in the making? And who's likely to get... Read more
Manchester City x West Bromwich Betting Preview The first weekend of the Premier League brought plenty of upsets, with only Manchester United winning as far as the big favorites were concerned. We still have the Monday match to bet on, however, and it is clear that many punters will be looking to recoup their losses by betting on Manchester City... Read more
English Premier League 2015/2016 Week 1 - Best Betting Tips and Offers The new season of the English Premier League is finally here, so let's take a look not only at the bets that might be worth taking, but also at some of the best offers from the bookmakers! On Saturday, we very much like the looks of Everton and Crystal Palace. Everton are a very steady team... Read more
Keep in Touch with Us on Twitter! As you have probably already noticed, Metabetting is now more lively than ever before. It's not just the webpage that's getting regular updates, however, as we're now also much more active on Twitter. If you like the website, chances are that you're also going to love our Twitter... Read more
English Premier League 2015/2016 Betting Preview - Latest News and Odds The start of the new season of the English Premier League is just a few days away and we've already presented you with a few betting previews, but let's take a closer look at what's happened in the last few weeks and what's changed in terms of outright betting. On the transfer... Read more