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Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA Community Shield Arsène Wenger has finally done it - after so many unfortunate results against José Mourinho, he's finally beaten the man and the win will be even sweeter considering that it entailed getting a pretty prestigious trophy for Arsenal. Of course, winning the FA Community Shield isn... Read more
Bundesliga 2015/2016 Betting Preview Although the English Premier League typically steals all the spotlight as far as the European football leagues are concerned, the status of that league as the number one league in the world is getting constantly challenged by the Spanish Primera Liga and the German Bundesliga. In this betting... Read more
England League One 2015/2016 Betting Preview We're going to finish our tour of the British Isles, which started with a preview of the English Premier League, with a betting preview of the English League One, the league that can be considered to be the gateway to the true fames and riches of the football world. One of the things that... Read more
Scotland Premiership 2015/2016 Betting Preview The English Premier League won't be on just yet, but the Scottish Premiership will be starting at the end of this week, so it's the right time for us to take a closer look at the pre-season betting markets that have already been priced up at nearly every single bookmaker out there. As... Read more
Premier League 2015/2016 Betting Preview - Specials The start of the next season of the English Premier League is getting closer and closer with every single days and the bookies seem to have put up quite a few interesting side-markets, so we've decided to revisit the pre-season markets once again, this time without the big outrights, as we... Read more
Gold Cup 2015 Final Weekend Betting Preview The Jamaican team has managed to do the nearly unthinkable in the Gold Cup 2015, having beaten the main favorites for the title, the United States, in regulation time, and it will now face Mexico in a match that could lift the nation to completely new footballing heights. What are the chances of... Read more
England Championship 2015/2016 Betting Preview - The Outrights The English Championship never gets as much attention as the English Premier League, but that certainly doesn't mean that it's an event you should ignore as far as the betting point of view is concerned. In fact, the contrary might be true - with everyone focusing on the number one league... Read more
Premier League 2015/2016 Betting Preview - The Outrights Despite all the action in the Copa America and the Gold Cup, it's clear enough that no football fan will be happy until the new season of the European leagues begin - and the English Premier League is the obvious highlight among that selection. Thankfully, we're just a couple of weeks... Read more
Wimbledon 2015 Second Weekend Betting Preview Friday saw a tale of two very different matches. Firstly, we had a match between two players that were struggling to find their best games and one that the world's number one eventually won through sheer consistency. Secondly, we had a glorious battle between the absolutely spot-on Roger... Read more
Wimbledon 2015 Day 11 Betting Preview Andy Murray, our pre-tournament pick, is still in the hunt for the tournament title, which makes things at least slightly sweeter considering that we've been through a couple of horror days recently, missing bets by the odd game or so. In any case, we'll have two singles matches on our... Read more