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At a first glance online sports wagering can seem very overwhelming however slizing off the different segments into a few different sections will help each player better understand what is before them and get a better grasp of both the terms used but also the overall best selection for each individual.

Which bookmaker to use when starting placing wagers at online sportsbooks is important and to get started it may be best to choose a few sportsbooks to open an account with just so that prices and promotions offered can be reviewed for each.

Many professional online gamblers will have several sportsbooks accounts and use each for the particular pricing or offer that this specific sportsbook provide.

Funding your Sportsbooks account

Funding the online sportsbooks once they have been selected is generally a no fuss situation and deposits depending on which deposit method used are mostly transferred instantly.

Due to recent gambling legislations it has become more difficult for US based online gamblers, however there are alternative payment methods still available for those residing in the US.

It is important to select a deposit method that fits your personal needs and most online sportsbooks will only process winnings back to the method used when depositing. It is also important to check for any offers that the Sportsbook may have before processing your first deposit as they may come with a minimum deposit amount required.

We suggest you to use always Moneybookers as a payment method, which is accepted by all major bookmakers. Check ourMoneybookers Guide for more information

How to understand the odds

Understanding the odds at each sportsbook may take some studying and time to understand. Starting off with the three major odds offered at online sportsbooks, we have the spread, the moneyline and the total. The display may be confusing but there is a way to decipher them.

Spread Betting

Betting on the spread means that the player is not only wagering on the outcome of the game but also whether the outcome of the event will fall below or above the spread. The spread is set up by the lines men to give an equal balance between two teams, by giving the favorite team a handicap against the underdog, thus equalling out the points.

In the following example if the player would bet against the spread they would make a normal -11. The player will only win if the team selected win against the other team with more than 11 points. If the other team win by 10 points or less or if they lose then all bets on the 11+ will win.

A push is a tie in online sports wagering and will only occur when in this example the first team win by 11 points exactly. In the case of a tie or push all bets will be refunded.


Moneyline bets are easier to understand as the player is only wagering on who in the event will win. If for instance we take the even amount $100 which is normal for moneyline bets.

You will find two different lines, the minus (favorite) and the plus (underdog). These lines refer how you are going to wager. Choosing the minus betting line literally shows you how much you have to bet to get a win of $100. Therefore in the case of a -120 betting line the player must wager $120 to win $100. Now the positive betting line for example +130 shows the player how much he will win when they wager $100. In this example and in the case of a win the player takes home $130 plus the money staked.

Totals (over/under)

Totals is a popular side bet and refers to how many points will be scored by any team in an event. This type of bet can be very useful in games such as American Football. The lines men will make a decision on how many points will be scored throughout the game.

The player can then wager over or under that set point depending on what you think the outcome will be. Quite often the outcome can fall on the exact number that was set by the lines men and in this case the wager is defined a push or a tie and all players who have wagered on the bet will be refunded.

Totals can also be offered in half points that is set by the lines men and in these cases there can be no push due to the half point set.

Free Bets

Many Online Sportsbooks will offer new players free bets to try out the website. You should check for each individual offers that different sportsbooks offer. Many will match the players initial wager, and some will offer bonuses to the player should their first bet lose.

Managing your bankroll

When beginning a new enterprise as with everything, try to be as modest as possible. As a new player do not get carried away and overwager your bankroll. Sports betting take time to learn the ins and outs of and it is better to wager smaller amounts over a longer period of time then to risk it all even if you do have a good feeling about it.