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Sports betting is a rewarding pursuit for those who do it intelligently. Because you’re personally investing your hard-earned money into it, there’s a lot at stake which adds to the overall thrill of the game.
Successful sports betting is fundamentally about making tactical, thought-out decisions on where to put your money. There are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into consideration if you want your bet to be worthwhile.
Your first consideration should always be “which sport should I put my bet on?”. This might sound like a pretty simple task for seasoned punters, but it can be a daunting one for amateurs who are unfamiliar with the betting world.
A single online search will reveal countless betting experts, advising you on particular sports and odds for the highest returns. The key is to find a reputable one. You need to look out for sites which have been licensed and regulated by the Gambling Comission. A simple search for the best betting sites brought me to Betting site, a good example who feature all of this information in the footer of the website. You should always check for this before starting any betting.
Once you’ve chosen your betting site, you then need to decide which sport you’re going to put your money on. The following are a few things you need to consider, and tips that may help you make the right decision.

Sports Knowledge
Realistically, you don’t have to be that knowledgeable about a specific sport to bet on it. If you have the analytical skills needed to identify trends and interpret numbers, you wont need much else.
However, it is also fair to presume that most punters will find value in sports they are familiar with. If you are a fanatic about a particular sport, you will likely keep yourself well-informed on everything related to it. This in-depth knowledge and awareness may help you to place calculated bets on the probable outcome of each game.
Let’s say you are a huge football fan who pays close attention to every development and has a fundamental understanding of the sport. If you regularly follow games, you will have a reasonable idea of how each team in the league performs. If you are familiar with the styles of the two opposing teams, you can use that to make a calculated decision on who is most likely to win.  

Your Betting Style
Your chosen betting style will determine which sports are going to be most suited to you. For instance, you may like to bet heavily on the favourites that have low odds of winning. In this context, it is logical to bet on sports where such prospects present themselves regularly.
One such sport is tennis, as early rounds of the tournament frequently feature contests where top-ranked players are up against low ranked players. The top players will obviously be the favourites to win. However, whether they win often enough to make up for the low odds is a decision that you will have to work out for yourself.
On the contrary, If you would like to make bets based on research and data analysis, then you should bet on sports where there is sufficient data readily available.
We can’t help but dream about what it would be like if we won a high-stake bet, but the likely of it happening isn’t always high and thus you need to build your betting strategy wisely. This can be done by gradually increasing the amount you bet on each game. Your selections need to be smart and you need to evaluate where you’re losing and where you’re winning. Stick to what you know works and don’t get to greedy. Don’t fall into the trap of chasing your losses by placing larger bets, hoping to win back the money lost, as this is a common mistake among punters that rarely ever works.
Once you have found a betting style that works for you, you can consider putting your money into one of the following popular sports.

The UK, football and betting are almost inseparable. If you’ve just stepped into the world of betting, then choosing the countries number one sport is an ideal starting place.
When the season begins in the summer, millions of fans travel to cheer their team every week and more follow the action by watching it on TV or listening to the radio. You’ll find that most of these fans also love to place a bet on their team.
The weekly football accumulators become an addiction to some, and are the topic of conversation before the game begins. After the game has finished, a post-game breakdown is needed to see which bets went wrong and which resulted in a win.
England has over 40,000 association football clubs and the recently held 2017 FA Cup final enticed 7.9 million viewers. Moreover, the fact that punters can easily access many markets across several leagues 24/7 makes it easy to see why football betting is the clear frontrunner in the UK’s sports betting industry.

It may disappoint cricket fans, but after football, punters fancy tennis more than the most sophisticated team sport in the world. This simple racket-sport generates billions in betting revenue every year. It is all the more astonishing for a sport that seldom makes headlines outside of its four major tournaments.
It is important to mention that the rise of live betting has boosted the growth of tennis betting. The fact that punters can wager on each individual set at the tap of a button has largely added to its appeal. Tennis is also relatively predictable compared to other sports, so figuring out where to put your money isn’t a hard task to do.
If you’re looking for ease, tennis is the place to put your bets.

Horse Racing
This favourite pastime of kings once ruled the United Kingdom, however, due to the wider availability of tennis and football markets (along with cash out and in-play betting options) has resulted in horse racing betting to move down the pecking order of UK punters.
Nonetheless, punters wagered £150 million on the 2017 Cheltenham Festival alone as it still is a huge market with events such as the Royal Ascot, Grand National and Epsom Derby. However, taking into account the everyday betting ratio, the interest is declining among the new generation of punters.

Cricket is England’s national sport. Now that betting has risen in popularity and has become more widely available (due to smartphone apps), cricket betting is becoming huge and there are several betting websites offering cricket punters all sorts of smashing bets. If you’re a fan of the sport and understand the basics, betting on cricket may prove itself to be the ideal sport for you.  
The majority of cricket bookmakers are based in the UK, Ireland and partly in Europe, making it a relatively straightforward process for novice cricketing punters.
Once you’ve decided on your betting niche, all that’s left to do is figure out which game, team or player to put your money on. 


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