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There are probably more smartphone developers than there are creators of real money casino games. This means that the potential for confusion is even higher. The situation requires a hero to come and show you the best way out. You are in luck, the online gambling doctor is in the house.

Is it not already obvious that the latest Samsung, iPhone and Nexus phones are the best phones to play best online casino games? Trying to argue with this is a fool’s errand. However, these phones cost the size of an online casino jackpot. Thus they are out of range for many real money gamblers. Even more so for those that enjoy the cheaper option of gambling online.

Determining a Quality Real Money Gambling Phone

There is a large number of smaller smartphone developers. Some of these are not worth a second look. However, there are brands coming out of China and India that will blow your mind, especially when you consider the prices.

Below we have listed the top things you need to look out for when selecting a mobile smart device to play casino games online.  

  1. Screen resolution over screen size. Select a device based on the resolution of the screen instead of the size of the screen. This does not mean that you have to settle for a tiny screen. There are standard screen sizes between 4” and 6” that have great resolution.
  2. Long lasting battery. There is nothing as frustrating as having a winning streak being interrupted by the battery low alert. Most decent smartphones are now coming with batteries that last longer on a single charge.
  3. Processor speeds are the in thing. It is about who is running the latest Snapdragon processor. However, remember that your online gambling games have not changed formats in the past 4 years. So an older generation processor would not be such a buzz kill. Take care not to go too far back.
  4. The speakers. Part of the entertainment on offer on real money casino games is the music. Visit official website of any casino listen to types of background music. The game creators spend thousands of dollars on composers to create the soundtracks. Do not shortchange yourself.