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The Meteoric Rise of Sports Betting Sports betting has been here for such a long time that nobody really remembers when it first started, but only now is the industry going through such a meteoric rise that it is actually becoming an economic force to be reckoned with. In fact, it is now estimated that online sports betting alone is... Read more
Understanding Point Spreads In Sport Betting Understanding Point Spreads   When you consider betting on basketball and football, you need to understand point spreads if you need to maximize of your return. Generally, you need to know how point spread works. The point spread is a handicap placed... Read more
Free bets & Bonus Guide Metabetting Free bets & Bonus Guide When you're looking for a new bookmaker to make an account with, one of the things that will catch your attention straight away is the incentive they're offering for you to bet with them. And that's hardly surprising, as these incentives, regardless of... Read more
MLB line betting MLB known as the Major League Baseball has become popular with bettors all over the world. Many people out there are seeking for the best MLB strategies and one bet that is often looked at is the run line bets. The Line bets are similar to NFL 1.5 point spreads. However, most players as well as... Read more
Football Betting on Corners Just a few years ago, tipsters had to choose from a very limited number of possible bets – even Asian Handicap were quite rare. However, with the advent of internet bookmakers, everyone can bet even on things like cards, goalscorers, exact scores, corners, etc. Some companies, like... Read more
The statistic way of choosing goal bets 99% of the bettors around the world had put goal bets in their tickets. In the recent years this kind of bets became more various, aiming at larger number of clients or in other words - at more money. The so-called “Goal bets specialists” emerged, stating that everything is clear for them in terms... Read more
The Guide to Tennis Betting - Form and Fitness Last time, we have looked at various playing styles. Also, we have examined how they affect the match-ups between players and how that affects our betting considerations. This time, we are going to consider the form and fitness of tennis players. Of course, this is something that affects the... Read more
Advantages of betting online Online betting has been around for well over 15 years but in the last 5 years is when the online betting industry has exploded. Now all types of gambling companies are getting involved and you can now find land based bookies such asLadbrokes, Paddy Power, William Hill Review,... Read more
Cricket Betting: What, Who and Why (Part 2) Now you have the basics of the game sorted, there are a few more aspects you need to consider if you want to up the stakes. Tired of only betting on the outcome of the game? Then read on to find out the best and most exciting ways to bet on cricket. In the previous article, the basics of the... Read more
The Guide to Tennis Betting - Introduction and Early Considerations In my previous article, I have mentioned that Tennis is one of the main sports in the betting industry. And it is quite obvious why. Tennis is action-packed, full of famous personalities and since there are just two players, the game can be broken down and analysed in detail. This... Read more