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Finally, you can get now all the football information you need in one single click, directly via your desktop with the new {review:8} League Information Widget. It shows tables, games and extensive statistics for 23 football leagues. This is a very useful tool for all football fans and it's all free.

Bwin League Information Desktop Widget


You can switch between the “Table” and “Fixtures” view to get the information you want for your chosen leagues.

In the Fixtures view, you can use the “Match day” feature to view the results of games which have already finished or call up information on upcoming games. There is also a very practical function - “Bets” button which will take you directly to the betting overview for your chosen game.

Download and Installation

In order to install the League Information Widget on your PC, you must first {link:80:title=download the software} and then install the downloaded file by double-clicking on the icon – after that you’re ready to get started.

Launching the Widget

Launching the Widget is easy and it can be started either by double-clicking on the bwin symbol (next to the clock in the taskbar) or via the “Start” menu.


The League Information Widget updates its content via the internet. If you have not been connected to the Internet for a longer period of time, you will not be able to view current game results.