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Games are games! That is not so true. Each individual has a certain type of game that resonates with them at the very core of consciousness. Regardless of how different we are and the games that we like there are some games that are too similar not to notice. Collectable Card Games and Real Money Slot Games are too close, making it hard to resist the urge to compare them.

1993 vs. 1994

What is in a year? Quite a lot if you pay attention to people who follow the Zodiac years like the Chinese.  The first CCGs were created in 1993 while the first slot games went online in 1994 with the first internet casinos.

The two game types are just a few months apart in terms of age. Regardless of what you might think there has to have been some sort of cosmic aligning for such great works to come into being at almost the same time.

Themes maketh the Game

Online Slots and Trading Card Games (the other name for CCGs) both offer games with many different themes. The themes are derived from elements of popular culture including fantasy, sports and screen productions.

A large number of the themes that you find on CCGs are also available on slot machines. But this is not where the similarity ends. Many of the titles are the same. Popular titles from both forms of gaming include Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, two of the most recognizable entertainment franchises of this generation.

The More the Merrier

Gaming has always been a social activity. There are very few games that are designed to be played in solitude. Luckily that does not include CCGs and real money casino games but you can check with punt casino online for clarity. Both types of games can accommodate many players. And of course, there are the tournaments which allow for even more interactive and social gaming. In both games, players play for real rewards at the tournaments.