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Poker is poker. Right? It doesn’t matter so much whether you play online or at a casino. And there’s not too much difference between playing with dollars and cryptocurrency. Right? Well, wrong. Of course, poker is fundamentally the same game no matter where and how you play it. A flush will still beat a straight whether in a home game or a major live event. Still, poker can be vastly different depending on how you engage with it, both practically and even in of gameplay. Here are several ways to play poker and their advantages.

Casino poker is about the atmosphere and excitement whereas online poker can bring an unmatched convenience and variety of games.


At the Casino

Once upon a time, the casino was the main venue for any significant game of poker. Even though they can be overshadowed by the massive online market, casinos still have their charm. It’s the atmosphere and social elements that will bring people back to the casino time and time again. Playing poker at the casino brings you face-to-face with other people. It creates buzz and excitement. It pampers you with drinks and food and rewards your loyalty with more than VIP points. You can’t get that through a screen.

Regarding gameplay, casino poker is much slower. Each hand will take longer to play. That leaves you lots of time to think about each step of a hand to analyze the players around you and make mental notes of tells and betting patterns. In a lot of ways, this is how the game was meant to be played.

Online Poker Sites

Nowadays, online poker is immensely popular, which is why it is here to stay, and some of the top and richest tournaments in the world take place on the web. Major online poker sites attract tens of thousands of players from across the world at any one time and offer a wide variety of games from standard Texas Hold ‘em tournaments and cash games to weird and wonderful variations that you can’t find in the casino. The games are running 24/7, and you can play in your PJs if you want, from laptop or mobile — online poker is all about convenience.

Playing poker online is a much faster experience, too. The hands are shuffled and dealt automatically, and bets and folds are made at the click of a button. Meaning that you can play hundreds of hands in an hour and fire up several tables at once. Doing so gives you the chance to gain vast experience and enjoy a pace that would be impossible to live.

Cryptocurrency Poker Sites

The latest evolution in the online poker world is cryptocurrency poker sites. They use cryptocurrency as a payment method and for buy-ins and prizes from tournaments and cash games. It’s excellent for anyone who’s into cryptocurrency, but the fact that these sites operate on the blockchain brings additional advantages.

The random number generator (RNG) used to shuffle the cards is transparent for total fairness. The technology can also identify and eliminate foul play and the use of bots. In other words, the blockchain has changed the shape of the poker industry for the better. And you can play poker using cryptocurrency online or the poker mobile app of CoinPoker. Regarding gameplay, expect to see plenty of recreational players, which is added value from freerolls and special offers.

Home Games

Ahh, there’s nothing better than a home game. It’s recreational poker at its best. Invite a round of a few friends, get the drinks and pizza in and maybe play for a small buy-in to spice up the action a bit. Home games are all about the laughs, the meta-game when you get to know how everyone plays and the big bluffs that you turn over and show your know-it-all mate. If you want to loosen up and take poker back to the days when it was all about the fun, home games are the way to go!