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Esports betting outlook: the international to be a record-breaker, and that is getting the entire e-sports fan community excited. People are not just interested in the International 7 for the prize pool, of course. Even if the prize was much smaller, they would be watching out of a strong interest in the e-sports themselves.


However, the fact that the prize pool keeps on getting larger and larger is worthy of interest. Now, the prize pool has reached 20.7 million dollars. This is even higher than the figure for 2016, and that was already a year that managed to break records.


The stakes keep on getting higher, and a lot of people are fascinated by it. Some people might be wondering where it all might lead. The fact that the prize pool keeps on getting more and more substantial seems to be a sign that e-sports themselves are becoming more and more popular. An e-sports event like this will also make a lot of people take the sport more seriously.


Plenty of people already do take e-sports seriously, which is obvious, given what is happening now with these record-breaking figures. However, this is still a fairly new sport. It takes some time for people to really care about a newer sport like this. E-sports already have something of an established base of fans. However, in order to expand, they will need to get other people to take them more seriously.


With the prize pools that are getting larger and larger all the time, it looks like this is going to happen soon. People will care about something where there is a lot of money on the line. There are critics of e-sports, but these people are finding it difficult to really justify why there is any real problem with them.


Saying that other sports are objectively more or less serious than e-sports can be strange, especially since all of these sports are essentially just games that are taken mildly seriously by most people and very seriously by the professionals. People will go to websites like the 7sultans casino in order to bet on many different sports. Today, they will just bet on e-sports in addition to all of the other sports that are available.


E-sports are going to look that much more serious when there is a huge prize pool involved, since this is one of the ways that other sports have managed to gain more credibility with the general public. Given the tremendous prize pool involved here, more people are going to be drawn to e-sports in the first place. Plenty of new players might be competing in the next tournament.


While e-sports players got into it as a result of their love of the games in the first place, many of them are still going to want to put their talents to the test in the form of the high-stakes competition. The competition will be that much more exciting to watch as a lot of people gather around to bet on this new and unprecedented tournament. 

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