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Croatia VS Norway


HR Croatia


2 AH 0

Croatia VS Norway match analysis

Croatia welcomes Norway in round 2 of the European Chapionship played in the Zagreb Arena. Croatia finished second in the group A with 4 points while Norway finished second in group B with also 4 points. Both took 2 wins in the group and lost once. And while Norway put on a great show to lose by 1 against France Croatia really let everybody down. The loss to Sweden 34:31 was a surprise but it could have been even worse with Sweden having +9 at one point. The Swedes were always ahead and managed to pierce the Croatian defense wiithout a problem. As the defense the Croatian attack is also without pace and it is easy to play against. No imagination in the offensive players which have been dulled by coach Cervar which by many said is well past his prime. From the outside it looks like the players are guiding themselves and Cervar is just holding this team down. Croatia has no pace in attack and no penetration from the wings. Players are often just ramming themselves in the opponents defense hoping the referees will help a little. There isn`t much optimizm in the Croatia camp fror this match. The main player Duvnjak is injured and the goal keepers are just abismal in this championship. Norway is the vice champion from the last WC and it was Croatia that they beat in the semis after overtime. As Sweden they are a very physical side and Croatia will have problems. The also have a lot of pace and will try to exploit the slow moving Croatian defense. Sagosen and Bjornsen are leading the potent offense and keeper Bergerud is having a good time on goal. In their last match vs Serbia he had a 37 % of saves and saved the goal 13 times. Vs Serbia Norway had no problems and early on had 5 goals advantage which they kept till the end. Norwas has pretty even balance with Croatia wining some and losing some. I am inclined to take them as favorites in this crucial match for the semi-finals. Croatia just has to win this but many things are going against them at this time. Coach being the biggest opstacle. I think Norway will win this.
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