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Many teams in Europe are still unbeaten and we tried to find as many as possible. Some of them are playing elite football, others - not. But which records are most impressive? Surely, you can judge by yourself, but let us pick out some extraordinary streaks.

Bangor City

The Welsh team has achieved some astonishing results this season and won 15 out of 16 league matches. The likes of TNS, Llanelli and very ambitious Neath are nowhere near Bangor and the 5th place from last season will be definitely surpassed (if Bangor don’t go bankrupt or so).

FC Porto

The Portuguese giants are just unstoppable these days. They are yet to lose a single game in any competition and that’s why coach Andre Villas Boas is being compared to Jose Mourinho. Porto have a comfortable 8-point advantage over Benfica and qualified easily for the 16th-finals in the Europa League. It is very interesting to be seen, who will stop Porto this season. If any team is able to do it...

FC København

The Danish champions look sure to defend their title, as they already have a 19-point advantage over OB Odense. FCK were also a surprising package in the Champions League, where they managed a draw against Barcelona and eventually qualified for the 8th-finals. The loss to Horsens in the cup was surely disappointing, but the overall performance is great.

Litex Lovech

The Bulgarian team looked vulnerable and frustrated at the beginning of their campaign, because of the early exit from Europe. It resulted in a coach change – former Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Compostela player Lyuboslav Penev replaced Angel Chervenkov. That proved to be a wise decision, as Litex drew with CSKA and Chernomorets and then won 8 consecutive wins, climbing into the top of the table with 5-point advantage over Levski.

NK Maribor

Maribor look determined to steal the glory from previous champions Koper, who are 15 points behind. In matter of fact, Domzale are now in better position to overlap Maribor, but if the league leaders continue their unbeaten run, then it will be impossible for any team to reach them.


RBK became champions in an impressive manner – they didn’t lose a single game and finished with 7 points more than Valerenga in the end. However, the performance in Europa League was far from brilliant – the team managed to win just 3 points.

Manchester United

“The Red Devils” were criticized at the beginning of the season, but with the advancing rounds they boosted their performanced and took the lead in England. Dimitar Berbatov, Nani and Ji-Sung Park are impressing this season, while Wayne Rooney is still on a mission to rediscover his form. United could extend their lead, because they have a game in hand in comparison with Arsenal.

FC Timişoara

The Bucurest giants are out of the top3 after 18 rounds. The likes of Otelul, Timisoara and Vaslui are occupying the first places and it looks as if they won’t leave them without fight. 2nd-placed FC Timisoara is so far the only team without loss in Romania, showing some fighting spirit away from home, not allowing their opponents to beat in 10 matches (2-8-0). With some reinforcements this team could fight for the title.

FBK Kaunas

That was some achievement by FBK in 2010. The team won all its matches in Lithuanian Second Division and found their way back to the Premier League, from where they were withdrawed in 2008. Now the 10-time title winners are back in the top-flight,

Gulbene 2005

A bit like Kaunas equivalent, Gulbene were dominant force in Latvian Second Division, failing to win in just 1 game. It will be very interesting to see how Gulbene will perform in the Premier League, amongst the likes of Skonto, Ventspils and Liepajas Metalurgs.

Botev Plovdiv

Botev went bankrupt in the previous season and started from 3rd Division this season. In fact, a new club was created, that should hand on the torch from the former Botev. It is owned by the fans and it is very appreciated. Many former players returned and now Botev is far better team than any other in 3rd division.

FK Mjolner

Mjolner won their section in Norwegian 3.divisjon (4-tier) pretty easily and wiped away Stalkameratene in the playoffs. In 2011 the team will play in 2.divisjon and we will see a lot of good odds for them at home, which should be considered, IMO.

That were some of the teams that made impression in the current (or recently finished) season. In the list below you will see a much more thorough list and hopefully it will be interesting reading for all of you.

In the first column you will see the name of the club
In the second - the country, where it’s playing
In the third - the level of the division in the hierarchy
In the fourth - the club’s current record and
In the fifth - the points per game, won by the club

We’ve added an additional column, headed “Coefficient” with which the “Points per game” are being multiplied. We did that, because it will be fairer to give more credit to the teams, that are playing in upper league. The coefficient for a 8th level club is 1,0 and it is increasing by 0,1 for every upper level (for example – 1,1 for 7th level; 1,5 for 3rd level or 1,7 for 1st level). Enjoy the list and feel free to add a comment if you have any question! We wish you the best of luck.


Team Name Country Level Record Pts per Game Coefficient Overall Pts
Bangor City FC Wales 1st 15-1-0 2,875 1,7 4,8875
FBK Kaunas Lithuania 2nd 27-0-0 3,000 1,6 4,8
Gulbene 2005 Latvia 2nd 21-1-0 2,909 1,6 4,6544
FC Porto Portugal 1st 12-2-0 2,714 1,7 4,6138
FC København Denmark 1st 16-3-0 2,684 1,7 4,5628
KS Butrinti Sarandë Albania 3rd 10-0-0 3,000 1,5 4,5
FK Botev Plovdiv Bulgaria 3rd 18-1-0 2,894 1,5 4,341
Abşeron Baku Azerbaijan 2nd 11-2-0 2,692 1,6 4,3072
Valletta FC Malta 1st 9-3-0 2,500 1,7 4,25
FK Mjølner Norway 4th 24-0-0 3,000 1,4 4,2
FK Biolog Novokubansk Russia 4th 12-0-0 3,000 1,4 4,2
PFK Litex Lovech Bulgaria 1st 11-4-0 2,466 1,7 4,1922
CS Orhei Star Moldova 3rd 8-1-0 2,777 1,5 4,1655
SFC Opava Czech Republic 3rd 14-2-0 2,750 1,5 4,125
Lombard Pápa TFC II Hungary 3rd 13-2-0 2,733 1,5 4,0995
FC Municipal Bacău Romania 3rd 11-2-0 2,692 1,5 4,038
NK Maribor Slovenia 1st 13-6-0 2,368 1,7 4,0256
UE Sant Julià Andorra 1st 8-4-0 2,333 1,7 3,9661
Víkingur Ólafsvík Iceland 3rd 18-4-0 2,636 1,5 3,954
FF Norden 02 Luxembourg 3rd 9-2-0 2,636 1,5 3,954
Egri FC Hungary 3rd 12-3-0 2,600 1,5 3,9
Rosenborg BK Norway 1st 19-11-0 2,266 1,7 3,8522
Villacher SV Austria 4th 14-2-0 2,750 1,4 3,85
FC Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ Romania 2nd 10-5-0 2,333 1,6 3,7328
Ironi Ramat Hasharon FC Israel 2nd 10-5-0 2,333 1,6 3,7328
Nordvest FC Denmark 3rd 11-4-0 2,466 1,5 3,699
OFK Mladenovac Serbia 3rd 10-4-0 2,428 1,5 3,642
Manchester United FC England 1st 9-7-0 2,125 1,7 3,6125
Valencia CF II Spain 4th 14-4-0 2,556 1,4 3,5784
FK Podolye Russia 4th 23-7-0 2,533 1,4 3,5462
Uitspanning Na Arbeid Netherlands 4th 9-3-0 2,500 1,4 3,5
FC Chindia Târgovişte Romania 3rd 10-5-0 2,333 1,5 3,4995
TJ Spartak Myjava Slovakia 3rd 10-5-0 2,333 1,5 3,4995
Elaziğspor Turkey 3rd 11-6-0 2,294 1,5 3,441
CSU Voinţa Sibiu Romania 2nd 8-6-0 2,142 1,6 3,4272
Atletico CP Portugal 3rd 8-5-0 2,231 1,5 3,3465
Spartans Edinburgh FC Scotland 6th 8-1-0 2,777 1,2 3,3324
Esperanza Neerpelt Belgium 5th 10-3-0 2,538 1,3 3,2994
Cruzado Canicense Portugal 4th 8-4-0 2,333 1,4 3,2662
FK Lutek-Energiya Russia 4th 8-4-0 2,333 1,4 3,2662
AS Latina Italy 4th 10-5-0 2,333 1,4 3,2662
CD Ribeira Brava Portugal 4th 8-4-0 2,333 1,4 3,2662
FC Timişoara Romania 1st 8-10-0 1,888 1,7 3,2096
VfR Neumünster Germany 5th 11-4-0 2,466 1,3 3,2058
Koninklijke Lyra Belgium 4th 9-5-0 2,286 1,4 3,2004
Berliner Ankaraspor 07 Germany 5th 10-4-0 2,428 1,3 3,1564
SAS Epinal France 4th 6-5-0 2,090 1,4 2,926
AC Mantova Italy 5th 10-6-0 2,250 1,3 2,925
SC Joao Ver Portugal 4th 6-6-0 2,000 1,4 2,8
FC Aregno Calvi France 5th 6-6-0 2,000 1,3 2,6
Bourges 18 France 5th 5-6-0 1,909 1,3 2,4817
VVA 71 Netherlands 5th 5-6-0 1,909 1,3 2,4817
Hitchin Town FC England 8th 14-5-0 2,474 1,0 2,474
Besançon RC France 4th 4-7-0 1,727 1,4 2,4178
Newcastle Town FC England 8th 8-6-0 2,142 1,0 2,142