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Just a few years ago, tipsters had to choose from a very limited number of possible bets – even Asian Handicap were quite rare. However, with the advent of internet bookmakers, everyone can bet even on things like cards, goalscorers, exact scores, corners, etc. Some companies, like William Hill Review or Bet365 offer this kind of bets on almost every single football match. And while it is quite hard to find any significant value in the “normal bets”,bookmakers still sometimes struggle to set the odds for special bets correctly. Today, we will look at bets on corners, which are becoming more and more popular in the betting industry.

Important considerations

Tipsters must take several things into account while analyzing whether a bet on corners can be profitable or not. Firstly, you should definitely know the teams involved and how they play. Do they focus on the midfield? Or do they rely on swift counter-attacks? Do they like to play for corners or do they try to keep the ball in play for as long as possible? Let's consider the example of a very famous team, FC Barcelona. I recall that it was possible to win quite a lot of money by betting against them in the corners department. But why? It may seem like a nonsense to bet against the team that dominates the possession and is known for swift attacks and beautiful goals. Well, if you have seen some Barcelona matches, you certainly know that the key tactic is to keep the ball in play for as long as possible. Messi never kicks the ball into a player to get a cheap corner – he simply passes it back. And that is the key knowledge for this type of bet. It really works in most of the matches and that is enough to bring in a profit consistently.

Team with most corners

This is the most straightforward bet, but many punters actually lost money on this. It looks easy enough to pick that Arsenal will have more corners that Wolves, right? The odds are poor, but this is a bet that cannot lose. Or can it? Look at the latest result.Arsenal won 2-0 and yet, lost 2-5 in the corners department, which may seem shocking if you consider how dominant this team can be. You can almost never find value in this kind of bet if you plan to bet on the favorite team. But if you find some underdogs that can push forward, there is almost certainly some value if the odds are decent enough. Consider the playing styles and consult the statistics – if it looks OK after that, it probably is a good bet.

Corner handicaps

And things get even more interesting in this market. Here, we get a handicap line that is very similar to spreads in other sports (basketball). Handicaps usually range from one corner to about six corners and we should be interested mainly in the plus handicaps, since there are some ridiculous offers from time to time. What we are looking for are teams that are underdogs to win, but like to attack and often get cheap corners. From the current Premier League, Blackpool comes to mind, for example. Solid handicap at solid price and the correct bet is right in front of us, especially if the team we are betting against is one of those “we like to pass the ball around“ teams.

Total match/team corners

Lastly, we get to the market of totals. This is a market I personally tend to stay away from, as it seems to be quite random at times. However, that definitely doesn't mean you cannot find value in this, although you must be able to predict the flow of the game a little bit. One obvious example: Barcelona played Panathinaikos at home recently. One could expect that Barcelona will dominate the possession, while Panathinaikos will probably stick to a defensive plan for the entire game. Now, do you remember what we said about Barcelona? If yes, it won't surprise you that even though Barcelona dominated (The “possession statistic“ was 74-26, which is something that you won't find very often), there were only 4 corners in that match. If I remember correctly, the line for Barcelona was set at 7 corners and the line of Panathinaikos was set at 3 corners. Pretty safe bets, eh?

In conclusion, we can say that experienced and knowledgeable tipsters can definitely take advantage of these bets. Predicting the flow of the game is the key factor that defines success here and similarly to many other betting markets, underdogs with solid odds usually offer most value, while constant betting on favorites may become a nightmare quite soon. Definitely give this market a shot (William Hill Review and Bet365 are the best firms for this) and post your experiences in our forums.