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If you are an amateur in football betting and are here to learn from scratch, this article will prove to be a handy guide. It’s always important to know that you are on the right track(or at least know what you’re doing!). Many amateur bettors do random betting for fun and end up losing all or most of their money. This is why you should be aware of what you are doing from the first bet you make.

It takes real determination and dedication to earn through football betting. It helps in making long term profits and develops self-discipline. This article will guide you through the very basics of football betting.

If you know the dynamics of sports betting and how it works, you’re good to go. Football critics have complained about low scoring and pace of the game, but they fail to understand that the true essence of the sport lies in these intricacies.

The following are the different types of football bets you can place and how you can use them while betting on different teams in the upcoming season.

  1. Match Result: In a match result bet, you are offered odds on the three different possible outcomes i.e. win, lose or draw. Different bookmakers and online betting websites have different rules and regulations on these wagers so it is important that you be aware of them before making a selection. If you’re looking for a betting website that doesn’t have as many set rules on money line football bets, SunBets are worth checking out. Usually, only the standard time play of 90 minutes plus injury time is covered in match result wagers. However, for big matches such as a final, the result after extra time and/or penalties can be included.
  2. Over/Under: This is an exciting type of bet that is growing in popularity. Punters select whether they think the total number of goals in a game will be under or over a certain number. The odds will be longer on the outcomes that are less likely so in a closely contested game the likelihood of there being a lot of goals is lower than in a game where there is a heavy favourite who might be expected to score a lot of goals.
  3. Accumulator: This is where things get intense. You select two or more different teams playing their respective matches in an accumulator, also sometimes known as a Parlay. However, you will only win if all of your selected predictions pan out. The reason why this is a popular choice among bettors is that if all of your choices are correct, the payout is greater than were you to place bets on each result individually.
  4. Proposition: this  is also known as prop bets,it offers different types of wagers on players in a specific match or throughout the season. For instance, the first player to score a goal in the matchor the player to score the most goals in the season. The proposition may also include statistics of the match. Bettors can place bets on the first team/player to score a goal, half time score and full-time score. The payout of this bet is excellent because of the uncertainty involved.

If you’re planning to put money on the 17/18 season, master one (or all) of the above betting types and see what success you can make from them.