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Last time, we focused on {news:33:title=betting on football corners}. However, there is much more to the world of special bets. In this article, we will talk about half-time wagers, since they offer many interesting and, even more importantly, potentially profitable opportunities.

Asian handicaps or 1X2?

You usually have a choice between these two when considering a bet on the half-time result. The main difference is that you cannot choose the {tag:12:title=Asian Handicap} route if you want to bet strictly on a draw. However, if you do not want to do that, Asian handicaps are usually the better way to go for most people – they usually offer added security and, if you are a professional tipster, higher limits for bets ({review:14:title=Pinnacle Sports} shine in that department). It all depends on your style of betting and whether you are comfortable with taking a straight result (with higher return) over a +0.25 line, for example.

However, betting on the draw has become quite popular lately, especially in the knock-out stages of the Championship League, the World Cup, etc. The arguments for a draw are obvious – there is a lot of pressure and nerves, so the matches often start slow. So far, betting on the draw in these matches has proven to be quite profitable, but you have to select matches very carefully.

Total goals

The other side of half-time wagering are bets on total goals. Some people simply go and bet on the “under“ result no matter what. The problem is obvious, however. The line is usually set at 0.5 or 1 goal. So, any goal will actually ruin your bet to the point that you can get a push at best. You are basically betting on a correct score (0-0) and that cannot be a good thing very often, even with the added security in the case when exactly one goal is scored. And although many people think that first halves are almost always low-scoring nowadays, it is definitely not true if you look closer. Remember this – I am not saying that this kind of bet has to be bad, but it truly is more often than you think. If you want to bet on the number of goals, the classic over/under market might be the better choice in many cases.

Important factors

Even though you are going to predict the result at the half-time, you should also try to analyse the match-up as a whole. Are you expecting a high-scoring or a low-scoring game? Is one of the team desperate and needs a win badly? If so, the players may definitely want to push for an early goal – something you definitely have to consider. Is the game very important for both teams? Then the first half may be very slow and without goals – as already stated, many Championship League matches have a tendency to go this way in the knock-out stages, for example. You should definitely learn as much as you can about the whole game, even if you are going to bet only on the half-time result.

From theory to practice

Let's consider a real life example of what you should look for. The Premier League is definitely the main focus of many professional football tipsters. As a result, it is definitely the hardest league to handicap and predict correctly. It is hard to find value in the conventional markets, but special markets still offer a lot for people that are willing to invest some time into proper research. Blackburn Rovers, for example, may look like an average team – they sit in the middle of the table, sometimes losing to another average team, sometimes upsetting a strong favourite. However, they have been one of the best “first half“ sides of the league so far. They simply know how to start strong and only Chelsea have allowed less goals against in the first half up to this point of the season! If you realize and consider the implications, you can definitely make some accurate predictions about their games.

All in all, half-time wagers are definitely one of more interesting betting markets, especially if you are willing to put in some effort. They usually offer more value than the regular markets and that alone is something that should interest everyone in the business.

Have you already tried to place some half-time bets? Are you going to try some now? Or do you prefer conventional betting? Share your thoughts and opinions in the {link:2:title=forums}.