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{news:7:title=Handicap betting} is being held in high regard by the tipsters, who are opting for high odds. For some people it is well enough just to bet on a full-time result by simply picking small odds and it seems this is the a widely-spread action, because the "public" bets are often around 1.20-1.30. The handicap tipsters are ready to risk more in order to win more, preferring to bet on higher odds rather than wasting their nerves on 1.20-ish odds.

The best way to {news:35:title=predict a match} is to do it naturally through your own impression and knowledge. And if you want to use handicap, you have to know what it means, first of all. I think that the European Handicap is a well-known offer to all the tipsters around the world, but the other type - {tag:12}, is a bit more delicate and uncommon to some of the tipsters. For those of you, who do not know what is Asian Handicap, you can read it in our {news:7:title=Asian Handicap guide}.

After getting to know everything about the handicaps we can proceed to the next step - {news:35:title=picking the matches}. Looking at the {page:15:title=bookmakers lists} you will see dozens of matches with handicap odds and at some point you may have decide that you had chosen your matches. But is your choice rational and logic? First of all, it is very important to know the tactical orientation of the team, on which you’re looking to bet. Some teams, like Barcelona, are attacking all the time, whatever the result, while others, for example Italian teams, are going immediately in defense after taking the lead. You should be aware of the tactical compositions - is the team using wings, does the team tend to control the game, how many forwards will be in the starting eleven, are there important missing on the both sides, is there a difference between the motivation of the teams - the usual information before any game. Another important action is the championship choice. In one low-scoring championship betting on wins by 1-goal margin seems reasonable, while in a high-scoring one it is reasonable to opt for the big wins. An additional criterion is the level of the football. We won’t see big wins in the elite leagues as often as we will see them in the lower divisions. So, it turns out to be that the high-scoring lower divisions are ideal for picking wins by 2 goals or more, while the low-scoring elite division are perspective, when it comes to picking a win by a goal margin.

{tag:12:title=Asian Handicap} betting requires a lot more thinking and you can find some different types of logic, when examining a game. I will just restrict myself to telling you some simple directions:

  1. Use AH (0) when your team is the outsider, but you think it has decent chances of winning; when the teams are evenly-matched, but you see value on one of the teams; or when your team is in the stronger position and you just want to lift the safety level
  2. Use AH (-0.25) when you think your team will win, but you don’t write off the opposition’s chances of taking a point
  3. Use AH (-0,75) and AH (-1) when you think your team will win, but the league is low-scoring and there are a lot of 1-goal margin wins; or when you think your team will win, but you’re unsure about it’s tactical approach and habits
  4. Use AH (-1,25) when think your team will very probably win and you just want a little precaution in case of a scrappy win
  5. Use AH (-1,75) and higher when you think your team will win comfortable and the league is high-scoring
  6. Use AH (+0,25) when you see the game predominantly as a draw, but if there is a winner it would be your team
  7. Use AH (+0,75) and AH (+1) when you see valuable odds for supporting your team and you think it’s going not to lose, but you don’t feel completely sure about that
  8. Use AH (+1,25) and (+1,75) when your team is the outsider, but the league is low-scoring; or when you’re sure that the opposition team switches to defensive style when taking the lead.

Along with everything else, you should pay attention to the odds. You should estimate which odds are valuable and not. In this case it seems illogic to bet on 1.90 odds for a win by 2 or more goals in a low-scoring league, while betting on 2.50 odds for the same type of bet, but in a high-scoring league looks valuable.

And one personal hint from me that will come as a support of my thesis. My favorite championship for betting on big wins is the Norwegian 4-tier (3.divisjon). This competition is separated to 24 sections so there are a lot of matches per week, making the choice big. The season there is now over, but let me tell you the statistics - 71% of the wins in the 1st section were by 2 goals or more, 70% of the wins in the 2nd section were by 2 goals or more and so on and so on. Norwegian 3rd division looks like the oasis of the comprehensive wins and you should take that in your record. Teams from this league like to play in attack, because they haven’t got the class and the experience to tactically outclass the opposition. Everything mentioned above is presented in this league and I believe it is one of the best leagues for handicap betting.

To sum up, I believe that handicap betting is one of the most perspective bookmaker offers and should be looked at really seriously. I hope that you will feel a bit calmer when betting on handicaps after reading this article. I wish you the best luck!