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The whole procedure is pretty simple and requires only a few simple steps:


1. Log into* and navigate to your personal cabinet.




*If you don’t have account on MetaBetting, you can find your credentials in the activation email from They will be the same as for your SBOBet account, password can be changed at any time.



2. There you will see “Personal betting agent” tab and 3 different buttons, “Register your friends and get bonuses of their deposits” is what you are looking for, click on it.



3. The form has just 2 fields to fill:




Email - your referral will receive further instructions to this email

Nickname - preferred nickname that will be used for SBO and MetaBetting accounts.


After all fields are filled just click on “Submit” button. You and your referral will receive confirmation and further instructions from us in email within 1 working day.


4. After referral is approved, you can start to track your earnings




The table with all your current referrals will appear at the bottom of the “Personal betting agent” panel. The table has two columns: referral name and your revenue from him/her.  This table is updated once a month.


You can withdraw your earnings any time using our withdrawal form or use them for betting on SBO, it’s up to you.


This is it, you are ready to start earning!


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