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Top 5 Worst football tackles Do you want to see the top 5 worst football tackles ever? It is very difficult to put only 5 as the worst since there is truthfully hundreds of videos worthy of making the list. Either way expect some bad tackles from players like De Jong, Materazzi and Roy Keane. We... Read more
Top 20 most scoring football teams in Europe The last month of the year started and it’s time to make some statistics. Most of the championships are almost in their half stage, but others like Spanish Primera and English Premiership are in their beginning. decided to make a list of the Top 20 most scoring teams in Europe (only... Read more
Tennis Betting - 5 Biggest Mistakes That You Shouldn't Be Doing Tennis is a great sport to play, watch and bet on, so it is quite obvious that its popularity is constantly growing. With that, bookmakers are offering bets on almost every match, even if it is just an exhibition. In that environment, you have to stay extremely sharp in order to... Read more
The most successful football teams from each European League (Part 2) This is the second part of my previous article that will help you with the orientation in every European league. Let’s see what the history of another 5 European leagues is... Belarus Belarusian championship gained independency in 1992, just like the most of the former Soviet... Read more
Top 5 Future Tennis Talents It is definitely fair to say that the likes of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic will stay in the business for at least some years to come, but it may be worth to look at some of the talents that may find themselves fighting for at least some of the Grand Slam titles in the future. They are all under 20... Read more
The Most Successful Football Teams from each European League (Part 1) We have all heard about the biggest football teams in Europe like Real Madrid, Milan, Manchester United, Barcelona and etc. But, thinking carefully, do you know how many domestic titles had these teams won and when did their domination started? I, personally, am not ashamed to say that I’... Read more
The Best European Unbeaten Teams in their Leagues Many teams in Europe are still unbeaten and we tried to find as many as possible. Some of them are playing elite football, others - not. But which records are most impressive? Surely, you can judge by yourself, but let us pick out some extraordinary streaks. Bangor City The Welsh... Read more
Top 6 Fantasy Football Listings Fantasy Leagues are hot items and before any season starts fans rush to get leagues created and get their friends involved. Of course these fans are going to put some money into the pool so they can win bragging rights and their friends money but Fantasy Football makes watching football... Read more
The Top 8 Tennis Upsets of 2010 (Part One) The season is basically over, so it is definitely the right time to look back and sum everything up. We have seen a lot of incredible matches this year. And a lot of surprising results. Perhaps more than we have ever seen, which is a sign of how competitive tennis is nowadays. So what... Read more
The Most Popular Betting Myths In this article, we will look at two big betting myths that many tipsters still believe. The truth is, they are losing money by doing that. So what are these myths and why are they not true? Streaks Well, most people believe one simple thing. If you have a losing month or two, you are a... Read more