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We have all heard about the biggest football teams in Europe like Real Madrid, Milan, Manchester United, Barcelona and etc. But, thinking carefully, do you know how many domestic titles had these teams won and when did their domination started? I, personally, am not ashamed to say that I’m not very good at remembering such facts, so what I am going to write is a series of articles about the most successful teams from every European league. You may say “Ok, but what this has to do with betting?” And the answer is simple – the biggest clubs are always there, where you expect them - even if they have to spend some years in the lower divisions, suffer bankruptcy or etc. Very often (if not all the time) bookies start setting their odds from the reputation of the clubs. Hopefully, this article will help you with the orientation in every European league.


Albanian Football Fans

Albanian first division football started as early as 1930. In 1998 a structure change was introduced, so that First Division became a second level division, while the first level division was called Premier Division (Kategoria superiore). The league is among the weakest, according to its European coefficient (44th place). KF Tirana is the most successful club in this country, winning 26 titles, the latest being the one from the 2008-2009 season. Last season the team finished 3rd, while in the current season KF Tirana is on the 4th place. Traditionally very good at home, “Legendary White-Blues” are hoping to get back on their throne, which is currently occupied by rivals Dinamo Tirana. Dinamo won the title last season, but a poor recent form keeps them on 7-point difference behind leaders Flamurtari. Back in the history, the team has won 18 titles, three more than Partizani Tirana. The capital trio holds a huge share of all the Albanian titles and Partizani closes the top3 with their 15 titles. “The Red Bulls”, however, suffered a relegation after the 2008-2009 season and after a unsuccessful promotion campaign last season, are now free falling, finding themselves on 14th place. But I have no doubts that they will soon return to the elite – history remembers them for good.

Albanian Football Clubs

KF Tirana – 26 titles (First title: 1930 – Last title: 2008-2009)
Dinamo Tirana – 18 titles (First title: 1950 – Last title: 2009-2010)
Partizani Tirana – 15 titles (First title: 1947 – Last title: 1992-1993)


Andorra Football Fans

That’s one of the newest championships in Europe. Its first season was in 1995-1996 and the winners were FC Encamp. A lot of dramatic changes happened sine then, however, and nowadays FC Encamp are among the weakest teams in the elite. I will be short here, because it is a recent history. No traditions here, some clubs, namely FC Santa Coloma, UE Sant Julia, UE Santa Coloma and Lusitanos are just more powerful than the others.

Andorran Football Clubs

FC Santa Coloma – 5 titles (First title: 2000-2001 – Last title: 2009-2010)
CE Principat – 3 titles (First title: 1996-1997 – Last title: 1998-1999)
UE Sant Julia – 2 titles (First title: 2004-2005 – Last title: 2008-2009)
FC Encamp – 2 titles (First title: 1995-1996 – Last title: 2001-2002)
FC Ranger’s – 2 titles (First title: 2005-2006 – Last title: 2006-2007)


Armenia Football Fans

It was a very interesting championship in Armenia this season. FC Pyunik managed to overlap Banants in the closing round of the season. In matter of fact, this was 10th consecutive domestic title for Pyunik, thus turning into a undisputed leading power in Armenia, since the championship is independent from the Soviet Union. From historical point of view, the first Armenian championship was back in 1936 and was won by Dinamo Yerevan. From 1936 to 1991 the title was won by several clubs, but most them are now defunct and are waiting for “new life” – such is the case with above-mentioned Dinamo Yerevan, Spartak Yerevan, SKIF Yerevan, FC Kotayk Abovian, Kanaz Yerevan, Aragats Leninakan and last champions under the Soviet guardianship – Syunik Kapan. Only Spartak Yerevan (currently named Ararat Yerevan) is still functioning and even won promotion back to the Premier League (mighty Spartak is back!). Throughout the years many teams associated with Spartak, changing their names to FC Spartak Yerevan – Araks Yerevan, Tsement Ararat and Araks-Impeks Ararat.

Pyunik are leading the title table from the modern history with 13 titles, leaving Shirak (relegated this season) and Ararat (currently defunct) far away.

Armenian Football Clubs

FC Pyunik Yerevan – 13 titles (First title: 1992 /under the name Homenetsmen/ - Last title: 2010)
Shirak FC – 3 titles (First title: 1992 /two champions in 1992, crazy thing/ - Last title: 1999)
FC Ararat Yerevan – 2 titles (First title: 1998 /as Tsement/ - Last title: 2000 /as Araks/


Austria Football Fans

Signs from organized Austrian football date since even before the beginning of the 20th century. It was not until 1911, though, when the first Austrian championship was officially organized. It was won by Rapid Wien and the championship continued this way, until 1924, the football association of Wien organized the first professional league in Continental Europe. Austrian championship had to undergo a lot of changes throughout the years, mainly around the World Wars, but finally claimed independence after the World War II. In 1965 Linzer ASK became the first club outside Wien to win the championship, but the capital hegemony was never threatened.

Above-mentioned Rapid have won the most Austrian titles so far – 32, but only 18 of them were won after the World War II, so the Rapid’s first place in under big question, because FK Austria Wien have won 21 titles after 1945. On 3rd place, we find the Innsbruck teams - FC Wacker Innsbruck, FC Swarowski Tirol and FC Tirol Innsbruck (different names of one club) with an overall of 10 titles. FC Tirol went bankruptcy in 2002, but nowadays FC Wacker Innsbruck claim to be “spiritual continuation” of Tirol, although legally it’s a separate club with separate honours.

This season, Rapid and Austria are on 5th and 4th place, respectively, but close to the leaders SV Ried, who had never won the competition before. Wacker Innsbruck are 7th.

Austrian Football Clubs

Overall standings:

SK Rapid Wien – 32 titles (First title: 1991-1992 - Last title: 2007-2008)
FK Austria Wien – 23 titles (First title: 1923-1924 /as SV Amateure/ - Last title: 2005-2006)
FC Tirol Innsbruck – 10 titles (First title: 1974-1975 /as FC Wacker Innsbruck/ - Last title: 2001-2002)

Post World War standings:

FK Austria Wien – 21 titles
SK Rapid Wien – 18 titles
FC Tirol Innsbruck – 10 titles


Azerbaijan Football Fans

Azerbaijan, as a former Soviet republic, have a relatively new independent championship. In the Soviet years it was almost complete domination from the capital clubs, as Progress-2 Baku, Profsoyuz Baku, Stroitel Yuga Baku, Lokomotiv Baku, Dinamo Baku, KFK Baku, MOIK Baku, Araz Baku, Trudovye Rezervy Baku, Iskra Baku, Ordgonikidzeneft Baku, Zavod im. S.M.Budennogo Baku, Vostok Baku, Suruhanez Baku, Gandglik Baku, Tokhudgu Baku and Termist Baku have all won the title at least once (former relations between these clubs are unknown to me). Neftchi Baku PFC was the first club to win the league, after claiming independence and eventually turned into the most successful club in Azerbaijan, winning the title on 4 other occasions. FC Kapaz Ganja (currently – FK Ganja) are on the second place with 3 titles, while FK Baku, FC Inter Baku and FK Shamkir are sharing the third place with 2 titles each.

In the current season Khazar are leading the table with 2 points than Neftchi, who won the title for the last time in 2005. FK Ganja are 8th, but it’s their first season after promotion, while FK Baku and Inter Baku are 7th and 4th, respectively. FK Shamkir doesn’t function as a club anymore.

Azerbaijan Football Clubs

Neftchi Baku PFC – 5 titles (First title: 1992 – Last title: 2004-2005)
FK Ganja – 3 titles (First title: 1994-1995 /as FC Kapaz/ - Last title: 1998-199 /as FC Kapaz/)
FK Baku – 2 titles (First title: 2005-2006 – Last title: 2008-2009)
FC Inter Baku – 2 titles (First title: 2007-2008 – Last title: 2009-2010)
FK Shamkir – 2 titles (First title: 1999-2000 – Last title: 2000-2001)