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antoine griezmann

Some players attract more attention than others and there are rumors and talks that just happen to be less interesting to the general audience. However, there are topics that simply cannot be avoided by anyone who loves football. The rumors and gossips surrounding top players and their potential moves to various teams do not settle down even when such moves are nearly impossible. We simply love to discuss new possibilities and scandals. Sometimes, the rumors are only rumors. Sometimes, they hold more truth than official news.
November was not the hottest month in terms of rumors, but we had quite a couple of discussions surrounding several footballers. Manchester United has provoked a plethora of rumors about their most desirable players at the moment and created a lot of hype around some players like Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann. So let us talk about some of the most interesting rumors that have recently been trending in the world of football.

Antoine Griezmann to Manchester United.

Manchester United has been very aggressive in terms of roster moves recently. The football world exploded with discussions and speculations when Zlatan Ibrahomivc announced his joining the team earlier this year. The “God” of Manchester United has made his mind clear and definitely shook up experts and fans. At the same time, Manchester did not stop at acquiring one of the best players in the world and decided to add to the equation more superstar names including Paul Pogba.
The roster looks more than fearsome on paper. Their offensive line is especially impressive with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Anthony Martial, Henrikh Mkhytaryan, and Marcus Rashford in the vanguard and Wayne Rooney and Paul Pogba supporting them. At the same time, Anthony Martial is not the only one young forward from France that recently attracted Mourinho’s attention. There were rumors about Jose Mourinho and his desire to include another talented French in his squad.
Antoine Griezmann is one of the most interesting players of Atletico Madrid. He is a player who knows how to create chaos in front of the enemy goalkeeper. He is 25 years old and has been playing on one of the most competitive leagues since the beginning of his career. He started his journey in Real Sociedad over 11 years ago. Scoring 96 goals during his time in La Liga, Antoine Griezmann is a desirable addition to any team in the world. When the rumors about his possible move to Manchester United has reached the community, everyone started to speculate.
The most intriguing part is that neither team negates the very possibility of this move. Antoine Griezmann said that he would like to play alongside Paul Pogba not only on the international level. This comment appeared while people were speculating about such a move from Manchester United further teased by multiple selfies and photos of Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba together. Both players are training together with their national team.

Sergio Aguero to leave Manchester City.

While some players are rumored to soon join the Premier League, others are rumored to leave it. When Pep Guardiola decided to start a game in the EPL without Sergio in the frontline, people immediately started discussing the possibility of him leaving the team. While some reporters and fans claiming on social media that Pep had some quarrels with Sergio. Unfortunately, these were only rumors and fans can slow down with their drama train.
Sergio Aguero is definitely a very capable player and his recent performances were quite impressive. However, he also had some unpleasant flukes like missing a penalty against Paraguay. This has been a very disturbing mistake and Sergio took it to his heart. He mentioned that he has been not on the right track after missing the crucial shot and had some issues playing with a clear head. He simply needed some rest and time to recover psychologically.
In his recent statement he mentioned that he is more than happy to play under Pep Guardiola and that neither him nor Pep have any problems with each other. He asked to be left alone. At the same time, it is hard to imagine that Sergio Aguero would simply leave Manchester City. He is a well performing member of the team and he certainly not that old to move back to America where great players from Europe often end up their careers. He will unlikely move back to his homeland, when he is in-demand here in Europe. One of the most fast-paced and hot topics in the world of football turned out to be a simple gossip.

Romelu Lukaku to leave Everton.

Another player that has been recently trending in the community is Romelu Lukaku originally from Belgium. This young talented player appeared in the EPL over 7 years ago in his teens. He has played for teams like Chelsea and West Bromwich. One of the most capable Belgian players he didn’t find a place for himself in Chelsea where talent is sitting on top of talent. He moved on until he ended up in Everton where he truly shined as a player.
Fans of Everton have seen him performing way above the level of expectations. His confident plays and solid technique made him a very dangerous striker who knows positioning well and easily outplays the best in the world. He started this season by scoring 7 goals during his 10 matches for Everton. One of the best scorers in the EPL competing against the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sergio Aguero, and Diego Costa, Romelu Lukaku is a true superstar of Everton. However, even his manager noted that his growth will be severely slowed if chooses to stay with this team.
Lukaku is quite capable of playing for much better team. Surrounded by world class performers and backed up by a midfield tailored for his needs, Romelu may reach a much higher skill level as his ceiling seems to be quite high looking at his physique and technique. He can definitely gain more experience playing with stronger teammates and in a more competitive environment. There is arguably only one league that is more competitive than Premier League and it is King’s League. Spain is a country notorious for its fierce domestic football competition and the best in the world are playing in La Liga. That is a perfect place for Lukaku to continue developing his skills.
There were rumors that teams like Barcelona and Benfica expressed their interest in acquiring Romelu Lukaku and fans all over the world picked up this idea. While his move from Everton is impossible right now, neither Lukaku nor his manager deny such possibilities and this leaves some room for speculations! Joining one of the best teams in the world is definitely a good idea for a player like Romelu Lukaku as he may join a world-class team that aims for goals higher than domestic championships.

Jack Wilshere to leave Arsenal.

The Gunners love to make their roster as tuned as possible and Arsene Wenger is notorious for his ability to find players that simply click together. Jack Wilshere, sadly, has not been a player that meshed well with the rest of the team. At least, that is how Arsene Wenger seemingly sees the state of affairs. He has not offered Jack Wilshere a permanent spot on the starting eleven and Jack spent his first season with the Gunners mostly warming up the bench. After one more season of playing irregularly as a starter or a substitute, he decided that he may leave the team for good.
Recently, Jack Wilshere moved to Bournemouth and had a couple of great games with the team. He is not the superstar that everyone loves and cheers for, but he is definitely a very capable player that deserves a spot in the starting lineup. Maybe, not in Arsenal. Arsene Wenger created a team that has amazing synergy, managed to land 2nd in the previous season, and comfortably sits on the 4th position currently. The team is packed with talent and more importantly with players that can play well as a team.
However, there are two important things for Jack Wilshere. Firstly, there are teams that are interested in him. In the EPL alone, Everton, Bournemouth, Wanderers, and West Bromwich expressed their desire to see him on their rosters. There is a choice that many other young players simply do not have. Secondly, Arsene Wenger may leave the team in the next year. The coach mentioned that he may consider taking over the reign of the English national football team if needed. Also, Wenger noticed that he may simply move to another squad after more than 15 years with Arsenal.
The latter scenario opens up an opportunity for Jack Wilshere to try to secure a spot in the starting lineup under a new coach. This could be a game-changer for the young player. As of right now, his dreams and desires are only rumors that fans all over the world discuss when they have nothing else to do.