Free Soccer prediction for Primera División Apertura:
Boca Juniors VS Colón de Santa Fe



AR Argentina


Goal after 29:00

Boca Juniors VS Colón de Santa Fe match analysis

Boca Juniors without Riquelme isn't a team for top of Argentinian Primera Division. Because of that Boca can't achieve high ranking in the Apertura. They already lost six points at home, and this match, against Colon, is is an opportunity to improve scoring balance, and make better impression in front of home fans. Colon isn't an opponent that can't be defeated by Boca. But, Boca isn't a team that can score in early phase of a match. So far, in previous six Boca's matches, goal was scored before 30th minute on four matches, but only one of them was played at La Bombonera, and Boca scored three goals in that period. Their opponents were more successful. Colon scored only one goal before 30th minute of a match, like guest of Racing Club. Also, in that period of a match, they received only one goal - in the previous round, against All Boys at home, with penalty kicks. So, Colon plays very defensively in the first part of match, that I don't believe that Palermo and his company can reach the opponent's net before the 30th minute.
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