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BWM-Sauber/Force India pick BWM-Sauber 8/10 (best classified car) bwin Both BMW drivers outqualifyed drivers Force India drivers: Kobayashi will start from 10th, and Hiedfield from 15th, while Liuzzi and Sutil qualifyed 16th and 17th. Difference between slower BMW Sauber driver and quicker Force India driver was over three tenths, so Force India is really lacking pace here. As this bet requires that only one BMW Sauber finishes ahead both of Force India drivers, this bet is something like a double chance.. It is important to say, that according to Bridgestone, soft tyres will not allow special strategies, as they don't last for long. With some average race for BMW, they shouldn't have any problems to keep Force India drivers behind. I hope that any gamble that will Force India try tomorrow (only chance to do something more is to gamble with strategy) will not work.
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