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Partizan Beograd VS Arsenal




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Partizan Beograd VS Arsenal match analysis

Arsenal is probably not as big favorite as it would be if they played in London, or if it were complete. But, Arsenal is always the same, very offensive team, able to score on every game, at least one goal. If the opponent team is from a poor league, as it is the case on this match with Partizan, the chances of Arsenal will be increased. Not only to win, but to score goals. Arsenal convinced us many times that they are a potent team no matter if someone of important players is missing. So, the absence of Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Nicklas Bendtner or Theo Walcott is still no reason to lose confidence in the ability of an execution the team. They showed that on matches of Premier Leagues, against Bolton and WBA, especially in Curling Cup against Tottenham. Also, their match of the first round of Champions League, in London against Braga, is an indication of great power of Arsenal. What to say about Partizan? This team, composed of very experienced and very young players, by qualifying to Champions League has surpassed its real capabilities. However, on a match in Donetsk, Partizan has shown that it can respond to a play on result. After receiving a goal Partizan showed that knows how to be dangerous in attack, but they did not have the courage to play offensive from the first minute of the match. No matter what the opponent is Arsenal Partizan, because of their fans, have an obligation to play more offensive than in Donetsk. Arsenal's style of play allows fast counter-attacks and Partizan will try to use it. On the other hand, Partizna have a weak defense. They have led a good keeper, especially for the Champions League, but the players ahead of him are young and inexperienced. Central defender, Krstajić, is experienced, but he cannot do everything alone, especially with the mask on his face after a nose surgery. Since both teams are inclined toward the offensive playing style, with lots of short passes, it is hard to imagine this match without goals.
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