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Chelsea VS Arsenal match analysis

With no dough the most interesting game in round 7 at Premier league is Chelsea - Arsenal. The first against the third. One of the biggest London's derbies. Both team had a games during the week. Arsenal get 3 points in crazy game against Partizan in Beograd. Chelsea didn't had any problems with Marseille. In Premier League Chelsea lose points for the first time in the season and maybe show some problem in the midfield. Lampard is still recovering from operation but there is a chance to start the game.Nevertheless Yosi Benayoung is still missing. Joe Cole, Ballack  and Deco and not anymore part of Chelsea so midfiled possition could be a big problem for Anceloti during the hole season. Ramires shows some potential but he will need more time and games to develop it. On the other hand Arsenal blow the chance to breath in Chelsea's neck. Surprising lost against West Bromich show us that Arsene Wenger still has a long way to go before Arsenal can be real competition for first place. Captain Fabregas  will miss the game so not too much options for Wenger. Chamak is in good shape as forward but against Terry and Alex i don't see much of a chance. Chelsea will win the game on my perspective for sure as they have much more experience as team than Arsenal. But that's the beauty of football - you never know 
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