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FC Barcelona VS Mallorca



ES Spain


Goal before 30:00

FC Barcelona VS Mallorca match analysis

Barca is a scoring machine, especially on Camp Nou. They had a little problems lately because injury of the best player on the world, Messi, but tonight I think that they will destroy Mallorca. When Barca playing against Mallorca we always have a lot of goals. For example, last four games in Barselona were with 17 goals, and that is more than 4 per match. Something simillar I expect tonight because Barca is already 4 points behind Valencia who is at the first place and they can't fooling around. Mallorca has a very big financial problems and the question is what will be with them this year. Majorka hasn' scored yet in their away games and that tells us something. They couldn't score against Bilbao and Gijon and both games they lost. Barca prefer agresive football for years and they will atack from the first minute of the game because that's the way they are playing. In last ten home games Barca scored seven times in first half an hour and I hope that they will keep this tradition alive. Mallorca is weak at defence and they can't keep clean scheet in first 30 minutes... Messi will be in a starting line up and that is very dangerous for Mallorca because he could score and create a lot of chances for his team.  
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