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Hertha Berlin VS Alemannia Aachen


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Hertha Berlin VS Alemannia Aachen match analysis

Hertha is the only undefeated team in league, and they intended to remain unbeaten for a long time. They have the quality to do so, and are in great form. On the list of injured players are Patrick Ebert and Christoph Janker. They are expecting a fantastic atmosphere and over 30,000 fans, and in such an environment the players will give there best performance. With this victory, they will fled the competition with three points. Aachen is the mini-series with two wins. On the list of injured players are Nico Herzig, the most important link in the defense, the first goalie Thorsten Stuckmann, Thorsten Burkhardt, very important midfielder and striker Daun, who is less important. Seyi Olajengbesi is training with special program because he have problems with injuries.. He is also an important link in the defense. Given these defensive absences, Aachen will be in big trouble because the previous guests to Olympic stadium in Berlin, went home with 3 or more goals received. Hertha Berlin plays a very offensive and Aachen defense will be under great pressure. Hertha: Aerts - Lell, Hubnik, Mijatovic, Kobiashvili - Niemeyer - Ramos, Raffael, Domovchiyski, Rukavytsya - Friend. Aachen: Hohs - Dema, Feisthammel, Steh, Achenbach - Höger, Kratz, Arslan, Uludag - Stieber, Auer.
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