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Russia VS Serbia




Russia VS Serbia match analysis

This is the match of the third phase, in this group we have Serbia, Russia and Argentina. When Serbia playing against Russia I always put my money on Russia. Serbia has a complex of Russia and that lasts for a long time..This game will be a battle for first place in the group which means that the winner is going to semi finals. Looser in this match will not have a chance to fight for medals.System of this WC was very strange and lot of teams were calculate.  After disapointing first round where Sebia ended with only one victory and two loses, in next matches they defeated every opponent. Russia was better in first phase where they won every single game. But, in second phase Russia lost one match and finished on second place! Now, in this phase, Serbia has 1-0, Argentina 0-1, Russia will play their first game today and the second tomorrow against Argentina. Serbia has beatten Argentina yesterday but they didn't play well. Argentina is very week opponent who hadn't a victory through whole World LEague 2010, they had 12 lost in the row and, for Russia, this match today is the most important. Russia is one of the strongest teams on the world and I think they will improve their game today. Expect Russia to win!
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