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John Isner VS Philipp Kohlschreiber



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Over Over 22.5

John Isner VS Philipp Kohlschreiber match analysis

If you ask someone what is the best pick when Isner play, you will receive almost always same answer - over in any form. Practically, John Isner became a synonym for over matches. He is characterized by a strong and secure service and that is the basis for large number of games in almost each of its matches. Bookies by inertia place higher limits on the number of points in his matches. Sometimes to the point of unacceptability. So, margin of 22.5 isn't too bad for bet because  Kohlschreiber is slight favorite in this match, and Isner wan't surrender too easy. That is very known to us. Maybe pick on Over 9.5 games in the first set is very nice pick, but I didn't find such offer. Of course, bookies aren't naive.  I don't like margin of 10.5, since I lost such bets in past. So, I took Total Over 22.5 Games. Probably the first set has to go over that I would win this bet, but it still provides more features than the odds on the first set. Isner had a tough first set on the first match here, against Yang, which he finally won 2-0, with 22 played games. Philipp Kohlschreiber is obviously in good shape. He lost against Simon, ten days ago, in semi-final in Metz, but before of that he won four matches in a raw, all without lost set. Here, in Beijing, he won on the first match against Verdasco, 2:0, with 20 played games. However, Verdasco is ill and Kohlschreiber had easier match than he expected. They have not played against each other and it will be interesting to see this game, I hope in three sets.  
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