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Benetton VS Apoel




(-21.5) 1

Benetton VS Apoel match analysis

In first match there was 42 points difference for Benetton. They scored nearly hundred points and played very well.  Today, we have a spread of 21,5 and that is a little bit strange because Italian team won two quarters with 15 points difference in first match. These teams like Apoel are stronger on home court and, like we saw, Benetton demolished them in that conditions. I wonder myself why bookies put this spread? Now Italians is going to play on home court, people in Treviso live for basketball and this team always have a strong support. If in the first match was such a difference I expect something simillar tonight. In that mach, Benetton led on halftime with this margine, till the end they double it. They could play some stupid moves or something like that but they didn't. They coninue to destroy Apoel till the end. The differnece in qualitty between these two teams is very, very big and I expect another big victory for Benetton here.
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