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THW Kiel VS FA Göppingen



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Over 57.5

THW Kiel VS FA Göppingen match analysis

Kiel missed victory over Barcelona in Champions League three days ago. Players and fans were disappointed because of that defeat, especially because Kiel led during most of the match, and at home they had four goals of advantage (14:10). It was a clash of titans, with strong defenses, but anyway we saw 56 goals. Before tonight's match coach and players of Kiel announce maximum of concentration. They know very well that Goppingen is much better after arrival of coach Velimir Petkovic. Kiel won the last ten matches against Goppingen, but everybody asserts that they will face hard work. After a long time, Goppingen could be equal opponent in Kiel, but nobody expects a miracle. Last matches showed that both teams are in good shape. Goppingen played three matches away in the season and scored 26, 24 an 31 goals. Certainly, it isn't realistic to expect that they can fill the net of Omeyer, but two years ago scored 32. Last year, on each of two matches Goppingen scored only 22 goals. However, I already said so, it's different team now, more powerful. Kiel also played three matches at home and scored 37, 35 and 40 goals on them. Their opponents cannot expect that they will score more than about 23-24 goals on the match. But, it depends on the opponent.  They surpassed margin of 57.5 goals on 11 of their last 13 matches against each other. Goppingen is stronger this season and why wouldn't they do that now? I hope they can.
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