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Bruno Senna (BRA/HRT)

Japanese GP - Qualifying match analysis

GP Japan - Qualifying Head-to-Head Senna/Yamamoto Pick: Bruno Senna (BRA/HRT) 1.40 bet-at-home 8/10 Chris Klien made major upset in last race qualifying as he beat Brunno Senna in his only appearance since 2006th. He got seat only for that one race, as Sakon Yamamoto was ill, and his sponsor paid some money to Hispania Racing Team. This doesn't say anything good about Senna, as other mid-season replacements or drivers who were on a break weren't able to match pace of their team mates: Schumacher is being beaten by Rosberg, and Hiedfield was slower than Kobayashi, despite the fact that he was driving for that team four years, including last year. Senna was slower than Klien, but he was quicker than Yamamoto. Let's see their qualifying times: Germany Bruno Senna 1:18.592 Sakon Yamamoto 1:19.844 Hungary: Bruno Senna 1:26.391 Sakon Yamamoto 1:26.453 Belgium: Bruno Senna 2:03.612 Sakon Yamamoto 2:03.941 Italy: Bruno Senna HRT-Cosworth 1:26.847 Sakon Yamamoto HRT-Cosworth 1:27.020 Difference between those two isn't consistent, and it goes from very small in Hungary, to huge Germany. Still, Senna was quicker every single time, and I hope it will also happen here, despite the fact that Yamamoto is racing at home..
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