Free Soccer prediction for European Championships - Qualifying - Group A:
Austria VS Azerbaijan



Azerbaijan +2

Austria VS Azerbaijan match analysis

Azerbaijan is a team who is a first nice result made in last a couple years. They are not so god when we look at them but for the people of Azerbaijan is a big deal that they can make a victory over any team. In this group they will fight with Kazakhstan for 5th place. If we forget a match with Germany (they lost 1:6) last ten games they play very well, them even made a victory over Czech and draw with Russia. In last ten games in eight they score a goal. Austria start with a victory over Kazakhstan 2:0. this is their chances to score two of two but it will be hard task. They play two mutual games in WC qualifying (2004/2005) and Austria made one victory (2:0) and one game was draw (0:0). The odds are very strange for this game. For example, the odd for Austria victory is 1.25 but the odd for goals (under 2.5) is 2.2. Everybody expect a hard game and the odd for Austria to win is to small. Handicap for Azerbaijan(+2) is 1.88 and I think that this is a big value. Azerbaijan is a team who know how to score a goal and how to defend a own goal. I take this bet for a big stake. Good luck. 
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