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Lagun Aro Bilbao VS Pamesa Valencia


ES Spain


Over 147.5

Lagun Aro Bilbao VS Pamesa Valencia match analysis

I do not have the custom to bet on an early match, but this one attracted me with very but this one drew me of the low numbers of points. I would say, surprisingly low. Bialbao started the season winning away, against Manresa TDK, 58:86. It has been a good hint of a season better than last year. Of course, only one match does not say anything, but last year Bilbao had series of poor results at the outset. Today's rival, Pamesa from Valencia, is good chance to continue with victories, because this team suffered a big changes compared to the last year's team. Simply, there was not enough time to harmonize the team. Pamesa won convincingly on the first round, at home, against C.B. Granada, 104:81. So, it was a match with huge game totals, it can say a lot, but also it need not say anything. The last year Bilbao had an overall average of 149.67 points per match, and 147.64 at home. Margin of 147.5 points were exceeded on 12 of 17 matches at home. Pamesa had an overall average of 152.94 points per match, and 154.11 away from home. The margin were exceeded on 13 of 17 matches away. It is clear that today's margins set by these parameters. The question is how is it applicable bearing in mind that the composition of the team is not the same as last year. However, looking at the results of their matches against a trend toward more points of margin posted for this game. On the seven of the last 12  matches against each other were significantly more than 147 points, while on the remaining 5 of them game totals were for a point or two lower. Bearing all this in mind, I would accept this offer. For small stake, of course.
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