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Indianapolis VS Kansas match analysis

Colts are 2-2 so far but have only played one game at home, in their last 14 at home they have won 13. So this should be a first loss coming to Kansas City Chiefs. So far they have been fantastic going 3-0 and having a bye last weekend. Mr.Colts himself Peyton Manning are on fire. He is on his way for another MVP but he can't let his team go under 0.500 as they will with a loss here. Problem is that Colts rush defence have been struggling and the fact is that Kansas bet weapon is their rushing. This will not come as asurprise and full focus on getting the ball back and stop Charles and Jones so that Peyton can do his magic again and again. Problem is for the Chiefs that if Colts can get hold of the RB's then they will find it hard getting so much from their throwing game. So far that has not been working to a satisfying factor. This is a young team that the Colts will be wanting to kill off quick. Can they smell the blood come second half then Indianapolis will struggle to kill this game off at all. So I predict a minimum of a TD lead for the Colts at half time. Maybe I can settle with two FG's difference ;)
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