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New York Jets VS Minnesota Vikings match analysis

Very funny game coming up here with a lot of history and stories to last for a lifetime. Favre coming back to play Jets that he played for in 2008. Also there are stories and allegations against him harrasing a female worker at Jets. Extra spices to the table :) Randy Moss was traded last week to his old team Vikings from the Patriots. Let's see how well he can fit in and how much coverege he gets from the Jets secondary.   Jets have started out great and are 3-1 and looks good both in offense and in defence. For this game they are getting Santonio Holmes who they traded for in the summer. He's been out suspended for illegal substances so it will be massive boost for their offense and also will have the Vikings D scratching their heads a little bit. Vikings will welcome Moss back because so far they haven't really had any recievers on the team doing anything extra. Their RB Peterson has been Favre's only resort almost and they've been using him as reciever also.   Why over? Well Moss and Holmes will create not only for themself but also for their teammates. Jets I believe will win this but I guess they will have a lot of time moving the ball forward because Favre are struggling plus he will get sacked and intercepted for sure. Turnovers that can bring this game to nasty for Minnesota. Either way if not then Peterson and Moss will do damage and at least put 2TD's on the board.
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