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Emelec VS Avaí





Emelec VS Avaí match analysis

This is the first match of 1 / 8 final of Copa Sudamericana. Emelec is a team in the best shape in the national championship. The team hasn't lost at home and have three celebrations without conceding a goal. Before this, for them very important, duel players had ten days of rest, so they had enough time to prepare well. Argentinian Jorge Sampaoli, coach of the club is counting on is available to all players (especially the young offensive and defensive experienced), the only question is who will be the goalkeeper. M. Elizaga (38 years) was injured before the 15 days and still not fully fit, so it will probably be J. Klimovicz (33 years) in goal. Avail is in a very bad situation in the domestic league, cause fear for survival in the league. In the last 16 games achieved only one triumph. Especially bad they play out their stadium - in 15 matches only one win. In the past ten days have played three matches, then long trip to Ecuador, and in the next championship round they will play against a direct rival for survival. While the Brazilians play without pressure, can hardly get a positive result before the second leg. Besides three starters have remained at home cause of injuries.
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