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Newcastle VS Wigan




Newcastle VS Wigan match analysis

Another interesting game from English Premier League is Newcastle - Wigan. Jordies has a tuff game against City and show us that this season they will play very stong when visiting. Big problem will be   absence of Ben Arfa ( really bas injury). Last 2 weeks Newcastle wanted from FA to punish Dejong for his extremely aggressive actions against Arfa but will sill see what will happen. It's time that FA start protecting players from people like Dejong ( in my opinion he need to go to present for actions like that - last season he broke another player's leg  , at the World cup final the kick against Alosno was for direct red card). I think that this will be the game of Carroll - young and perspective players. Wigan started the season very bad and are currently 14th but last home game show us the potential they have. They will be one of the keen teams who will work very hard to stay in Premier league and will concentrate on home game.  Interesting bet and you can take it for bit risky as you never know for sure when Newcastle are playing 
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