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Erä VS AC HaKi



FI Finland


-2.5 Home team

Erä VS AC HaKi match analysis

Finnish floorball salibandyliiga: Erä(-2.5 handicap)-AC Haki pick:1 odds:1.5 bookmaker:ladbrokes stake:8/10   -Here is game between one of this season championcandidate ERÄ and one of biggest bottomcandidate AC HAKI.Erä has played already 3games with results SSV 5-1(win),classic 0-9(loss,one of biggest supriseresult of hole history in Finland floorball),josba 5-1(win) and AC Haki has played already 4games and loss them all with results against Oilers 4-9,Josba 1-5,SSV 5-7 and against newly promoted Loviisa 4-5.Erä have this season even so strong squad what they got last season,then they won the regularseason and loss final against SSV and take silvermedal.This season new player in team come last season`s AC Haki`s second best goalscorer  Mika Moilanen,he scores 19goals last season to AC Haki and today he wants score for sure he`s old team.AC Haki is weaker than last season when they was very close to fall out of this league,they lose also Niklas Strömsten who made 13goals and give 10 assists in all they lose 65goals out of total 113!!!,their final position was 12.Last season Erä won at home 7-2 against Haki last season,today i think they crush their opponent very clearly goaldifferent between 4-7 goals different.GL!
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