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Manchester U VS West Bromwich



(-1.5) Home team

Manchester U VS West Bromwich match analysis

I expect a new, playful United in this match.They lost too much points till now and I think there is no longer jokes with them. They already lagging 5 points for Chelsea and it's very possible to destroy WBA at Old Trafford today. Although they played bad in last round, Manchester still has no defeat in this season 3-4-0, they transferred from the previous championship more 5 games, and  so far they in 12 consecutive games without defeat. But it is not so important because  WBA can not beat them in this situation although that they will play with 15 players. For now, United have all won at home, for three matches they have received just two goals and that they both gave Liverpool, one from the penalty, the second from a free kick. The defense looks great, at least at home, while the attack always find someone who will score as United always play offensive regardless of the opponent. WBA has 4 rounds without a defeat in the row, but on away games is another story where they lost two of three matches and received 9 goals, that is  three per game and this is a high average. They surprised Arsenal recently  2-3 and it is certain that the United take care of it. However, Chelsea scored sixs goals to WBA and if they could be on 6, United can at least half of it. Traditionally, United likes a games against WBA, two years ago when they were members of the Premier League, have got them at Old Trafford 4-0 and 5-0 on away and there is no doubt that United will soon destroy  someone. I would not be surprised to see it happen with WBA today.
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